A Homemaker And Daily Decision – A Look Into The Life

Over the years people have the concept of a homemaker as the woman of the house but lets face it, that perfect picture of the woman staying home, cooking and cleaning while tending to the children are thoughts of the past, A 1950`ish way of thinking. A Norman Rockwell Painting.

Today the homemaker can be either male or female. The female can be the bread winner, The one who goes off to work and make the money for the household while the male of the relationship stays home and does all the cleaning, cooking and child rearing.

Most young people are naive when dreaming about a home with a partner and having children because its not easy, its hard work.

Meal planning is the homemakers job. What to prepare/ cook for each meal. Some days this is the part that is the hardest to do even being a cook, there will be days when you have no idea what you would like to eat and out goes the written plan because it maybe be “taco Tuesday” but you have lost your taste for taco`s and you would like something else. Or worst you are vegetarian and your spouse/ partner/ home mates are meat eaters so you have to make two separate meals.

Next is the laundry, Do you have fine hand washing clothing? Or do you just toss them all into an electric washing machine? Do you line dry your clothing or do you toss them into an electric dryer? Laundry is a non stop daily chore, you let it pile up and your home smells and your clothes can be ruined with mildew.

Cleaning up the house : Do you have to clean the floors often? No one likes to walk around in white socks and have them dirty ( plus you have to make them clean again!) Does dust make you sneeze? Then you are constantly cleaning up. Washing dishes and keeping the kitchen clean is a part of good health as well as cleaning the bathroom.

Trash, you have to make sure the trash is disposed of correctly. One thing to ruin your clean home is the smell of rotting trash.

Do you keep your lawn nice? No matter if you are male or female, keeping the yard should not fall onto the shoulders of one person, but the homemaker is the one tending to the home while the other person makes a living, so why not mow the lawn, keep it nice?

Now lets fast forward again, what if you live alone and are raising the children and being the homemaker while working to make sure you have a home to keep?

There is a few words for this person, You Go Super mom / Super Dad!

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. Jo Pin

    I am neat freak, systematic and very organize,. But there are days when I just feel like resting, I will rest and I don’t have to worry about anything around the house since I know everything is in proper place.

  2. Donna Thacker

    Some people have no idea what hard work it is to keep a home running smoothly and a lawn looking nice. Plus you add in running children to school activities, making sure homework is done. What happens when the child gets sick? Someone must stop their other duties to care for them. The list could go on and on…

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    We know several men who are the main one taking care of the house and family. However, they would never say they are a homemaker. It is funny how some look down at women who are at home doing all that has to be done.

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