A little about me

I am  45 years old, been married to my best friend for 23 years!  I am a stay at home mom/wife and love it.

I have 5 children, 4 boys and a girl.  My oldest son is 22 and married, he is daddy to 3, 1 of them being biological.  He is a very good daddy to all of them.  My one and only daughter is 20 and in September of 2014 she married her best friend. They have no children, but they spoil the nephew’s and niece.  Both of them live about 8 hours from us now.  My next son is 16 and will be starting his Sophomore year of high school,  he can’t wait for track season.  My 13 year old will be a 7th grader this year, he is looking forward to football and track.  The baby is 11 and will be  in 5th grade this year.

I live out in the boonies of SW Kansas. For real the closest Wal Mart is an hour and a half away!  I love the small town life though.  I have lived in much bigger towns in Missouri and Oklahoma and would much rather be where I am.  The upside to driving that far is that you make sure that you do everything when you go so that you don’t have to go back for awhile. Saves me money too, c assent just go whenever I want to, there has to be reason to go.


  1. Marie Edgerly

    Nice to meet you. I grew up in a small town. But, right I live in a big town and would love to move to an smaller, quieter town. To much going on where I live 🙂

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