A Message Through Colors

The meaning of color and their preference has played the important role in our life that can be a great guide in achieving one’s true value of inner self by stimulating the learning something that is beyond our understanding and also by observing the language of nature that is described in colors.

Color can be associated with our moods. it has the unseen energy so powerful that can easily establish mood swings. It has also the power to unleash the energy that treats behavioral problems By which being practice by a professional color therapist.

Colors are always being associated with our daily life.  Every day the shades in our environment can affect the senses of our mind and spirit.  Colors played the important role in human emotions. Because it can influence the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of every human being.

Color in clothes we wear, in our houses, Our cars, our pets, our gardens, and all our personal belongings. it can say a lot in one’s personality. It is the language that one does not need to be written or being spoken out. The colors that you constantly use or personal favorites can already send vital truth about yourself.

Creating the color variation of food being served on our table can actually ignite one’s appetite and love for healthy and nutritious food. A good and beautiful array of colorful food that we can consume every day means that we have an establish balance diet meaning we are taking good care of our health.

All the things and beings in this universe have the symbolic association of color that connects to everything. Natural resources have the ability to connect to plants and animals. Heavens has the creation of wonderful colors that can tell us the upcoming storms or typhoon.  color tells us the change of a season of the year. Color can tell us between night and day. Even people has a color that is called an Aura.

We can see color plain at the sight. People can  identify color without much an effort of a conscious mind. Color are composed of light that is made visible  by stimulation of two specialized cells called Rods and cones. When color light enters the eye they pass through the cornea and then through the aqueous humour before reaching the lens and is a focus of the lens of the retina.








  1. Fifi Leigh

    yeah, i have also written a post how color influences are moods and overall day as well as wearing certain colors in a coordinating way can bring out a certain image or personality, which might help you get certain things done during that day.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    I became emotional after reading this for. I remember the song, “Color My World” which was sung by the famous late Terry Kath of the Chicago band .

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