A mother’s act of love

Giving birth is one of the greatest miracle human race has ever witness.

When a mother is delivering a child. It is a common knowledge to every women that she is upon the threshold of death. It is a life and death occurrence. An emergency in  medical study and practice.Truly,  An absolute miraculous incident to unfold. A mother has to endure, the unexplained pain that cannot be put in words. Also, it bring us to the story in the bible. A story about Adam and Eve, in the garden of eden. The story told the punishment in disobeying God.

Despite all, A mother risk her very own life. For a chance, a chance for another human being to witness God’s beautiful and wonderful creation. Despite the well-known knowledge to every women that giving birth could actually takes life. Mother disregard the fact and focus to fulfilling God’s wish, for his children to multiply and dominate the world. A Retribution for the sin of eve.

A mother is never afraid. hence, the fact that in some reason she could die while delivering a child. A mother is never ashamed to express herself to medical people that will touch and actually see her most treasured body. Yet, truly trusting.just for the safety of a wonderful bundle she is carrying.

A mother is always fighter, always ready for battle, for the beautiful and successful future of the child she bore and will raised to be a wonderful person as God has planned.


  1. Suny

    I agree with your point of view that a child’s birth is as much pain as 16 bones are broken at the same time. The mother is almost reborn after she delivers a baby. That perhaps is one reason more women are opting for a cesarean.

  2. artislee

    Sadly, there are those who don’t belong and can’t be qualified as a “mother.” They have no right to be one. I have a high regard to those mothers who do give more not just for their child but to the people/things around them.

  3. Gayle Harrelson

    I have 3 sons that I gave birth to & lost 2 a few yrs later that would have made 5 kids is all, so giving life is a risk
    for both mother & kids at the same time as I almost died myself with the 2 I lost that I had 2 major surgeries where
    I couldn’t have any more kids, so I know only too well how life can be a life maker or a death risk for both

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