A New Dawn Has Come in My Writing World

During the past couple of years my online experience with writing sites has been rather disappointing, to say it in a mild manner. Day after day I kept groping in the dark hoping that I would eventually find a way out of the pitch black night and make the sun shine on my writing world again, but all I could find were some slim rays of hope that, instead of growing and becoming stronger and stronger as I had expected, took the opposite turn and left me in the dark again.


However, this seemingly hopeless situation hasn’t made me abandon my search for a site that would bring back the good old times when blogging was both fun and lucrative, and thanks to an online friend that is also a member of Blogbourne, it seems that I have finally found the path to the light. Right now, as I have just started exploring this new platform called Blogbourne and I’m beginning to understand how it works, I feel that the dawn has just arrived, bringing the promise of a bright, cheerful and extremely long day in which I will enjoy the warmth of the sun and rediscover the pleasure of blogging and interacting with other members of this community. I am sick of feeling lost and hopeless in the dark, so now that I have finally discovered the path which led me to the light, I am going to follow it and hopefully enjoy this new writing journey for a long, long time!


Photo credit: My own picture.


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