A New Hope for Writers

A gleam of hope shines when a writer friend discuss with me this site. You know, you can say who are your friends when it comes to good news. They can’t sleep without sharing you the good news.

So, here I am together with other fellow writers who are here already I think. I saw their names on my notification. Daily, I receive their friend  request. It’s good to connect again to our online writers friends so that we can exchange comments and have a thorough discussion about every topic we write.

I missed the time when we were in that writing site, where we can’t stop posting, commenting and liking the post of our friends. We earned and we learned from others. What a wonderful moment we had when we were there.

I do hope that in this site, we will do what we have done before. We became close and establish good relationship. Last year, I was in my friend’s blogging site. Some were there but not all. One thing that makes me idle in writing is: No interaction. Let us establish that here in our new home.

This hope that we got in this site, let us make things happen here. We continue what we done before. Let us enjoy the friendship and our writings can help others.

A hope in the dark is brighten now. We are now in a site where our dreams come true. Our hearts and mind will be awaken again with new ideas. We will connect the world of imagination and reality.

If we see some spammers and plagiarism, we must stop them. We can share good things that can help people. For the creator of this site, God bless you. God bless the writers too. I am hoping that we can make this site a better place to stay




credit for picture:pixabay


  1. Lee Ka

    I like the title of your post. This is really a new hope for writers or bloggers. I hope this site will grow well and last long.

  2. Shavkat

    We hope for the best. I am sure most of you are so happy to find this site. I was also being referred by my virtual friends. I think I had created a good relationship with them. Now, I am starting to have new friends here.

  3. Cris Bernal Post author

    A friend of mine, named John on line always recommend to me good writing site, that’s why I am here. I love sharing my thought and interpretation of the Bible verses.I do hope that all people here read and appreciate my thought. It will gives blessings to us.

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