A nice ‘Maveli’ joke just before Onam season

Onam season is just to begin, and holy Karkidakam month in its last phase. Onam is deeply linked to Kerala culture and Keralities. Now I remember one hilarious joke related to this season which I would like to share with you people. Can Maveli be misinterpreted as Mayavi? It’s not definitely possible for elders. But in the case of kids it’s definitely possible.


For those who are not familiar with Kerala culture, let me tell you, both Maveli and Mayavi are integral characters associated with childhood. Keralities celebrate Onam to welcome their king Maveli, while Mayavi is a positive character associated with Malayalam comics, Balarama since 1980s, and kids love both. Since childhood Mayavi is my most favourite character also, though he is a devil. Maveli is Asura Emperor Mahabali related to Hindu mythology, who Keralites fondly call ‘Maveli’.


This particular incident occurred about two years ago, and we couple came to know about it most recently only. One day I along with my hubby visited our daughter’s dance teacher. At that time, dancer master told that our daughter is nicknamed ‘Mayavi’, and often called by the name in the dance classes. I asked why. He replied, “During last year Onam celebrations we asked every kid to draw a picture of Emperor Maveli (Mahabali) and bring it on the day. While every kid brought the picture of Maveli, your daughter brought Mayavi’s picture, giving laughs to everyone. Since then she became ‘Mayavi’ of our class”.



What to say? We both can’t stop laughing, Mayavi’s picture for Onam celebrations?? Then only we recollected, it was my hubby who drew that picture to her taking much effort though he is not a great artist without giving a second thought. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Mahabali Image source: https://www.saddahaq.com/mahabali-is-home-it-is-onam-time


  1. ksridharprasad

    I too know about Kerala and Onam festival, but I’m not aware of thi Maveli or Mayavi. Some time back our tenets are Kerala people so there was chance to know about Maveli/Mayavi now I have to search about it in the net only.

    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      Keralities celebrate onam to welcome Mahabali/Maveli. Mayavi is a character of Malayalam comics which kids love very much

    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      Malayalam is the most difficult language to learn among Indian languages. I think it has the highest number of alphabets among Indian languages. BTW, where r u from

    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      If you know Hindi or Sanskrit, it’s easy to learn Malayalam alphabets. I think Malayalam adds 5 more alphabets to Hindi Main difficulty is its tongue twisting pronunciation comparing other Indian languages

  2. ksridharprasad

    I don’t know Sanskrit, but I know Hindi but now a days I’m not reading any Hindi paper or book. There is a book learn Malayalam in 30 days, is it necessary to learn Malayalam script.

    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      what’s your mother tongue? If it is Tamil, it is entirely different from Malayalam alphabets. Malayalam script is easy to learn if you are familiar to Hindi/Sanskrit alphabets. Malayalam uses ‘Devanagariscript’ for writing similar to Hindi

    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      No … Tamil is not…. It has only 50% alphabets comparing Malayalam. I got irritated by its pronunciation, and left learning during my childhood. Yet I can understand Tamil similar to Malayalam or Hindi, and read a few words also

  3. ksridharprasad

    I have tried to learn Tamil also and learnt all alfabets also, but I do not know why I got every thing about Tamil, I have tried to learn Kannada also but I think that I have not put my concentration on learning these languages. Now my language is money how to ear it

    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      yes, better concentrate on to writing articles to earn big. But it would an interesting hobby to learn a different language

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