A Plague Among The Youth: Sexualisation



What is sexualisaation? It is defined as the overall sexual behavior of an individual towards another. It has already reached an alarming rate how our youth responds to their worldly needs. The youth in the 70’s and 80’s may be more attuned to just partying out or wanting to have the latest Nintendo gadget or be at arcade centers. But now, the exposure with social media has affected the youth’s way of thinking to the point of losing morals and in no way do they value an individual’s right and freedom. This is a serious problem with regards to the normal development of boys and girls.  Example for this is how our young girls would imitate  their favorite performers dress up in an MTV or how they speak to others. Have you also noticed how some girls would just want a size “0” for their clothes because of how the models they see on television and magazines? Too much too soon….. When these girls are supposed to have fun acting their age, they are drawn to become who they are not and it is like their whole lives are messed up trying to achieve a wrong goal.


Boys as young as 12 or 13 are affected as much as the young girls. Their sexual awakening may not be considered how they should really be aware of it. The different social media, porn sites and magazines have become their teachers. Without the guidance of adults, these young boys succumb to inadvertent events which sometimes may cause their whole life. Luring girls of their same age through different social media may push them to become more than just good friends or become an inspiration. Young boys losing respect over women and treat them as sex objects, while young girls are too much in a hurry to become mature-looking, no longer thinking that they could be endangering their lives.


Who should we blame for all of these? Is it because of too much sexual content that is easily accessible to everyone? Or is it because how parents lack the means to communicate well to their children? In any kind of relationship, an open communication is needed. The children will all need to know about sex and sexuality, BUT, an adult, especially the parents should be there to explain and let their children understand the importance of it. The lack of basic understanding may be a cause for relationships without commitment and relationships without love. A sense of deep connection  to another individual may never be possible. And when young girls are exposed to such kind of young boys, they would think that it is just “normal” for boys who were once gentle, slowly becomes callous and rash towards them. SADISTIC behavior steps in which may soon become fatal. We should realize how different are the youth now—the need to be accepted and fit into the “new society” that the youth have created is a great, big deal for them.


Porn can be as much popular to adult men especially married men. What do you think lead them to this? Perhaps the lack of communication and closeness lead them to something to bridge the gap. Sex should never be seen as merely an act of expressing one’s inner desire. It goes beyond the physical union of man and woman. If we see ourselves as merely an object not different from canned goods on a supermarket, then we are just allowing to be treated plainly as an object without the need of love and care.









  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    What really worries me is the sexualization of very small children. When they started selling low-rise jeans for preschoolers, and parents started putting makeup on little girls who were years away from puberty, that’s when things really went overboard. It’s very sad that we’re rushing children into being adults.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      I agree with you. I know how moms would have fun dressing up their daughters but putting on make up, nail polish and dresses that are absolutely inappropriaye for little girls is just crazy!

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