A Torrent of Thoughts and Data Can Turn Into a Powerful Creative Force

When I look at several pictures depicting a majestic European waterfall I once visited and relive the astonishment I felt when I saw the tumultuous waters of the raging river and I heard the deafening noise they were making in their constant motion, my mind immediately makes an analogy between the never ending flow of the water and the equally powerful torrent of thoughts and information which seems to invade my brain from time to time. In my view this torrent can be turned into a vast source of creativity for me, but it can also have its negative effects, as the impressive amount of data which I associate with such an outburst of energy can sometimes be overwhelming for the mind and require a necessary escape.

In the ideal scenario I would be capable of mastering those waves of information by possessing a tool that would allow me to extract only the positive aspects from all that huge mixture of data and thoughts that would take hold of my mind, but I have no doubt that such a tool, that would allow me to easily find the good aspects and separate them from the tons of garbage which can be found mostly on social media, which has definitely replaced TV or the traditional press as the main source of news nowadays, is impossible to build overnight.

It requires a lot of hard work and education to build such a complex tool, something like a plant that could stand in the middle of the torrent and filter all the information to the point that only the valuable knowledge remains, but I don’t think that’s an impossible target to reach. If that plant is built on solid foundations and contains the right materials to help it resist to the torrents, no wave can ever destroy it, and it will be capable of supplying the fuel which is so vital in the good and creative functioning of my brain, so my goal is top keep on building my plant, to add another piece to that structure every day in the hope that my edifice will eventually become indestructible and I will ride the torrent of data and thoughts in the directions I want.

However, such a building process is far from easy and there is no fixed term to have the plant finished simply because the mind is sometimes very unpredictable and hard to control. There are days in which all that influx of information, which I usually receive with great curiosity and hunger for knowledge, turns into a burden. Just like a rock is constantly eroded by the flow of the water, so can be the mind be altered by the bombardment of information to which it is subjected each and every day.

In such moments, the solution is obviously to disconnect myself from the grind for a while, to get out of the torrent’s way and look for a place to chill out until that feeling of exhaustion disappears, and this can be done in a very simple and inexpensive way, by turning off all the devices and going out, preferably in a beautiful natural setting. I have discovered that even a few hours spent on top of a hill or on a mountain path can make miracles as the weariness and maybe a little stress caused by too much information( though obviously stress is mostly generated not by that torrent of thoughts, but by the daily worries and insecurity we are all confronted with to a smaller or bigger degree). And yes, it can be done, as long as the weather allows it, and when my batteries are recharged I can return in the midst of the torrent and face it once again from the relative safety of my edifice which is still under construction, but it’s solid enough to resist the bigger waves and extract that much desired energy from it!

Will I ever get to see my work completed? Will I subdue the torrents of data which never cease to take hold of my mind and use their energy to reach my highest goals? Only time will time, but maybe in this case the journey itself is more important than reaching the final destination, and I am going to keep on enjoying this unique adventure of the mind for as long as I can!

Photo credit: My own picture.


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    While it would be wonderful to just have the positive and useful information sent my way, that is probably not something that will happen during my life. Information overload really can take a toll on us.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Ideas, thoughts, or in any form of information could be secured and put them in writing for references.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Since the world began, we couldn’t imagine how great was the information that is already rolling to feed the intelligence of those wisdom and knowledge seekers.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    For a human being, it is impossible for him to store all what is in his mind. It would take much time to put them in place. One by one, by recording them, is one of the practical ways of making them available soon when those ideas could be retrieved for a purpose.

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