A Week of Changes…

This has been a challenging week. I’m hoping things will get easier sooner rather than later…

We were able to find a nice apartment finally and should be able to move in Monday. I need to come up with a lot more money for this landlord, but I hope to do that quickly. I’ve been working online a lot and applying for many new writing clients. I feel as though I can handle the work, especially now that all we need to do is actually move as I’ll be closer to Habitat and won’t spend so much time at night driving and trying to find a place to shower.

I need to learn to build some “me” time into my day though before I seriously burn out. Like, I run, run, run helping people, which I honestly don’t mind doing, but there comes a point that I need to rest a bit. This is why I’ve been taking time to tan and get a massage before showering at night at the gym. It also allows me time to read. When we get the apartment I plan to cancel the gym membership though since the place we’re moving into is brand new and has a bathtub that’s also a Jacuzzi. I’ll just soak in it for a little bit each day while reading when I get home from work.

I also was able to go out on a job site this week with Habitat, yesterday in fact. It was interesting to see what a house we’re working on actually looks like. This was a rehab project, not a total rebuild, so I was able to see what a deplorable condition the house was in before starting and what it’s like now. I only painted some, but it still felt great to help. It’s different than working in the store, which is also a great ministry, just a different type of one, if that makes sense.

Tomorrow 12 new families are being initiated into our program. They’ll be starting their journey to achieving 350 hours so they can qualify for a home of their own. It will be interesting to meet the folks we’re trying to help.

In all honesty, I’m at a point in my life where I’m going to be really happy once we move into a nice apartment. I enjoy the work I do at Habitat and I also enjoy writing once again. Since I’m now working at the front desk as a cashier and answering the phone I can even do some of my writing at work, which should also help make things easier so I have more time eventually. I think it’s going to be an interesting August though as we’ll have to move on Mondays/Tuesdays, but we’re getting there.


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