A Woman Waiting for Her Man Must Prepare for His Coming

A friend in Facebook posted this comment yesterday.

“I only want a man who can respect me and who can stay with me through ups and down. A man who can listen whenever he’s wrong and someone who don’t have a money matter attitude. If I’m not gonna find him..then id rather be alone forever.”

Every woman likes to find a good man. But how can a good man categorize? As for me a good man is a godly one who knew what makes her woman happy and satisfied. He must be stable in his work and sweet and romantic and who understand his woman. But looking for this kind of man is quiet hard because as long as you are not together, you will not know his real attitude and behavior and how he can manage if the problem arises.

A man who respect a woman is a man who has respect with himself. He knew what to do with his woman. He can stay with his woman as long the woman has good dealing with him. A real man will stay with a woman through ups and down because of the love within him. He will listen of course but a woman must listen too. We should not treat our man like a dog who will listen and follow us if we like. A man has his principle too. We cannot demand a man to do what we want because of love. He will follow us if he really understand and like the situation but we have no right to force them. It is all about love that he feel to us that he will come and do what we like.

Don’t say if a man is wrong will listen. Either right or wrong when we are in discussion with our partner, we must learn how to listen and get the right decision. Not by tantrums or false tears. Let a complete trust and understanding guide the partner to achieve a solution to a problem arises.

My man don’t like seeing me crying if we are in discussion. He will leave me. I also like a discussion before something else. If there is a real love between you and your man, you will feel his sincerity if not, then confusion will come to the relationship.

When it comes to money matters, it depends upon the understanding. Others reasoned that money is not important in a relationship but love. Love and money comes together. Both can spend money on something according to what both understand and accept. If a man always ask for money for something else that is not related to the relationship, well, beware he is just using you. If you are not happy with your man and there is always confusion and argument, time to weigh the happiness and sadness that you are experience and time to move on. You don’t deserve him. There is still a better man for you.

One thing I want to tell to those women out there. Don’t feed your man with your gifts and promises. I remember my man told me that he hate when a woman wanted to give all to him. I wonder why. He said that woman disrespect him by giving all. Crazy. But he said that he must be the one who ask his woman what he like not that a woman seems like to give everything to him then what else he can do? Well, it’s crazy. I leave that to him.

Lastly, a woman must not seek of her man. A woman must wait for God’s given soulmate. What we need as we are waiting for our man is to make us a good woman. How to be a good partner to your future partner in life. We must be busy how to deal with every situation that comes on our way. Learn how to be mature and learn how to trust your man if ever he is with you because most of the problem arises when a woman is a nagger of distrust and jealous. You make your man a nonsense soul if you are nagging him every time he comes home. So while waiting to your soulmate, be a good person to yourself and learn how to deal with people around you.

A good woman has a listening heart and understanding mind. Her mouth is use to uplift the spirit of her man and her hands is use to hug his man. Her body is for him daily and his sexiness is improved to feel the needs of a man. Remember that a good man’s thinking is all about his family through work and sex that keeps him going daily with his family.

If I am wrong men, please tell me. If I am right ladies, tell me.

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  1. Gina M. Menorca

    It is subjective. It is your opinion that everyone must respect. I suggest that listen to your heart. I always believe in the little voice in my heart. (gut feeling) a gift to us women ,I believe. It is strong.

  2. Isabel

    Sitting and waiting is not going to work. We have to go out too and socialize otherwise how can we meet the person we like? You have to know what you want and go in that direction. If you are looking for a godly man, join church organizations, charity events, etc. If you are looking for one night stands, go to bars and discos. If you are looking for athletic, join sports activities.

  3. Tania K Cowling

    No one person is perfect and you could be waiting a long time to find the perfect one. Couples must work together to honor and please each other. My husband and I are somewhat opposites but we find the best in each other. Married for 45 years.

  4. Sandy KS

    Finding the right person differs from person to person. I do not believe waiting for someone will help anyone find anyone for a relationship. Every person I got with I have been set up by a friend. No man came to me on their own. If i had waiting. I would be an old maid with no kids or grand kids by now.

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