About us

Welcome to BlogBourne.com

A Free Social Blogging Platform that shares revenues to its community


To give value for people’s ethical works and ideas shared online through rewards.


To establish an online community that shares vast knowledge and profit  streams.

Our Tagline

“Share your world, Share your story, Uplift Humanity”

“Share you world” stands for our social network feature. “Share your story” stands for our blogging feature. “Uplift Humanity” stands for our principle of equality,

Why Blogbourne was created?

Over the years we have seen many websites that were built to share profits to their content providers. Though their intention is good (the same intention we have), most shutdown later or stop paying what they owe to the content providers. This has upset many who has invested time for the hope of receiving something in return which those sites has promised. These series of events started our idea of looking for a long lasting solution.

Their fall become a big lesson to us.

We studied their faults and learned a lot from it. Those lessons gave us the insights on how to properly run Blogbourne.

There are more to come.

We have laid a plan for series of features and improvements which will be implemented as we go along. This is both to boost the revennues shared to members, extend our services and fully stabilize the site.

UPDATED: July 19, 2016