Acai is a Wonder Food

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Acai is pronounced (ah-sigh-ee), and it is from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, not

It has more anthocyanins than red wine, and these anthocyanins contain antioxidants. It also has mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is good for the heart because it lowers your cholesterol level. Moreover, it also has lots of fiber, Vitamin E, and phytochemicals, which help fight cancer and premature aging as well as improve your immunity system.

If you combine Acai with unadulterated Amazonian Guarana, then this mixture improves stamina, concentration, and awareness. (Wow, I definitely need to eat more Acai at my age to prevent any brain deterioration or dementia in the future because I am almost 52).

I just noticed that I am writing about the health benefits of the Acai plant, just in time for the summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.I need to buy some more of this stuff because I occasionally drink an Acai smoothies, energy drink, or eat Acai ice cream during certain seasons, but unfortunately not on a regular basis.  I think I have also eaten some food with Acai, such as cereal, health bars, and other snacks. But, again, I seem to eat Acai products once in a while.



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