Accountability: What Will You Answer to the Question, ‘Where Are You?’

Where are you? What will your answer be? This seems to be a simple question with a very simple answer. Yet to many, it may not be as simple as it looks. Maybe one friend of mine, the mountain man, will answer with simply, “I am here.” Is that the answer to this question? I do not think so. My friend is the mountain man from Montana. He will probably answer, “I am here in Montana.” He is right. He is there in Montana. And you, Where are you?


How Does a Person on a Mobile Phone Answer to the Question?

It happens that people on mobile phones get confused with this question too. “Where are you?” a man is asked the question from the other end.

“I am in Gaza,” he answers.

You discover that the person is not in Gaza as he claims. He is in Kenya. That is a big lie. There seems to be something the person wants to hide. He may be in an illicit relationship and does not want the person on the other end to know.


Adam in the Bible Had Difficulties with that Question Too

“Where are you?” God asked Adam.

“I heard your voice and hid from you because I realized that I was naked,” Adam answered God.

The above extract is found in the Holy Bible in Genesis 3:9-10. Adam could not easily answer God’s question. He went into a very long narrative.


  • He heard the voice or the presence of God. We also hear many voices. You hear that of the debtor. There are times you hear the voice of the landlady. They ask the simple question, where are you? Do you answer in the affirmative? No! You do the next thing that Adam did.


  • He hid from God.

Adam hid because he was in the wrong. He had eaten the forbidden fruit. He and Eve were not in good relationship with God. Many of us hide too. We have fallen on rent and our debts. Our mortgage is long overdue. We hide. We tell our children to say that we are not at home. No, my friend! Where are you?


  • He realized that he was naked.

It happens. We are naked because we are liars. We have cheated on rent and debts. Our vehicle insurance and driving license have expired. You are naked. Where are you?

You must be somewhere here in this story. Your answer to the question, where are you, should be that you are here in this story. Are you?


Featured image: geralt/Pixabay/CC0


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s funny, I was just talking about this very issue with one of my daughters last night. We were discussing the misbehaviour of a friend, whose lack of judgment she blamed on him having ADHD. The thing is, she and her sister also have ADHD. And they don’t misbehave that way. I reminded her that these things are challenges, but never excuses. At some point, even a small boy can step up and hold himself accountable for the decisions he makes. We build our honour from an early age, and hiding from responsibility takes away from that honour.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    The question is clearly directed to the physical presence of a person being asked. It is not being qualified as to the place of work, as to the place of destination. Of course, with such vague, unqualified question, everyone may get confused as to what to answer.

  3. Gina M. Menorca

    I think the question is subjective. It depends on a person opinion. and the way the question is being delivered, . If I ask children “where are you?” I am asking them their current location and what they are doings. Because I am worried and I want a real and true answer.

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