Addiction: Depression Cover Up


We face different challenges in our lives every day. We may overcome some of them quite easily. Some may not be even big enough to really matter. But what happens when we encounter one huge problem and we cannot seem to find ways to cope up?

When we refrain ourselves from opening up what is in our thoughts, we end up suffering not just causing sleeplessness nights but eventually, the psychological struggle may need some medical intervention.

Not all people may have the same tolerance to pain or disappointment. And so we hear from the news sometimes that there are people who just kill themselves because of too much pressure in their lives that they could not handle. It is natural to take some time off to look through things and assess whatever it is that has been bothering you. But learn to snap off from that depressive state.

When one starts to seclude from everyone else, this should cause alarm. Being alone and not having someone to talk to, can be a poison to one’s mind.Others who could not face their problems end up trying to look for something to do to cover up what is truly bothering them. And most often than not, they turn to addiction. There are different kinds of addiction that people resort to: alcohol addiction, drug addiction and gambling, with these three, it may seem almost impossible to treat oneself if they have been deeply involved. The only solution is for the family to take the next step of encouraging their family member to seek medical attention.

The mind is so powerful that when we want to really focus on something, things could happen. However, with too much thinking about unhappy incidents in the past, this could lead to total psychological dysfunction.


    1. Jenny A Post author

      That’s true! And we know how many people have been inflicted with this condition because of too much pressure from the society.

  1. Vinaya

    addiction and depression are related. addicts are depressed people and depressed people take up addiction

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