Advance Screening Movie Reviews: Bad Moms.

Most of time we get passes for advance movie screenings, all the time! We watch movies days, sometimes weeks before the release date.. Dont worry, no spoilers here.


Bad Moms
Directed by: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Release date – July 29, 2016
Main Cast: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hann, Cristina Applegate, Jada Pinkette Smith
Rated – R for sexual materials, language, drugs and alcohol contents.

To be honest. I just like Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis, thats why i signed up for the advance screening, and on the day we watch this movie(July 21,2016) i wasnt sure if i wanna go out and line up for 3hrs just to watch a free movie, but I did it anyway, and it wasnt a disappointment. So far it has 59% on rotten tomatoes, but the movie is actually funny. And it tackled what most moms are going through to keep the family together, and boy there are of F-word in this movie! Alot of f-words that every sentences with f-words makes it funny. I suggest to all the moms out there to go out and watch this movie with your friends to have a good laugh.

The story is focus on how moms deals with everyday chores from driving and picking up kids from school, from making breakfast to dinner, and projects and at same time, working to make that money. And dealing with their husbands who work, go home and take naps and wait for dinner to be serve by the wife. This movie also shows that the household chores like taking care of the kids, should be an equal task on both mommies and daddies, just because the daddies provides, doesn’t mean hes off the hook! Give the mommies a break!

Just like what Mila said in this movie, i cant quote it because i dont remember the exact words, im writing this review straight from what I remember, whoever figured out motherhood are good moms, but for those who still struggling, trying to find there way how to be a good mom, its ok. Its not that bad to be a bad mom. Every mother is a rockstar!


Image source: Mine. I took the pictures, using my iphone.


  1. Grecy Garcia

    Oh, you gave me already the kind of review I really want to read!! I watched the trailer of this one and at first I got frustrated watching everyone having a bad time as a mother but I know it will went out okay.

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