Gold: How an African Farmer’s Discovery Illuminated His Whole Village

Nobody ever knows what may make a once low place shine in a flash. This may happen if a gold mine is discovered in your area. The same happened in a small African village and the gold made the place to shine, as the gold mine surely illuminates.


How Did It Happen?

A farmer was digging in his field when he stumbled on a shiny stone. He went to geologists who assured him it was gold. Where did he find it? The geologists wanted to know. The old man told them. Armed with instruments, they went to investigate. Sure enough, there was Gold.


Miners Dug Up the Gold

Soon miners came and there was a burst of activities. Machines were brought in and mining began. The rocks were dug from as deep as three hundred feet. Lights were used to light up the dark mines. Air was pumped in so as to avoid suffocation of the miners. Water was also to be sucked out. Soon stones loaded with minerals were gushing out of the deep mines.


How the Gold was Purified

At first, the stones were crushed into powder. The powder was then mixed with water and poured on a sloping ramp where the gold was trapped on sackcloth. The sackcloth was then washed with more water in a basin. From the basin, the gold and the dust was sieved in a basin as they added more water. Since gold is denser than dust, it remains at the bottom of the basin as most dust is washed away. The gold that remains is mixed with mercury to bind the gold dust together. It is then heated or an acid added in order to remove the mercury and any remaining dust.  The gold is ready to be marketed.


Gold Merchants Ready for the Final Product

Once the gold is ready, merchants come and buy it from the villagers. The profit is shared between the owners of land, machinery owners and all involved in the work. The gold business is very lucrative, as so many people like adorning themselves with golden trinkets.


How The Gold Mine Illuminates a Village

With the gold, many low-class people have built mansions and owned property – something that was only in a dream in the past. The village is now swarming with activity and many people have come from far to acquire the gold. Land prices have escalated and through the sale of land, many have become rich. The goldmine illuminates and makes many who would not have gone to school attend school. They get good jobs to make the village shine more. If this is not illuminating, then I wonder what illumination means. The gold also illuminates those wearing them, does it not? That is a question for you to answer. A small village in my country has had all these.


Featured image: Dieter_g/Pixabay/CCO, public domain


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    This is a real rags to riches story! It reminds me a bit of the old Beverly Hillbillies TV series. This sort of thing happens in poor villages in many countries, including Canada. It does create riches for some but sadly, it has also been known to tear communities apart and contribute to the loss of their culture.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    An opportunity for that small village to progress and be among those progressive communities in that place in Africa brightens up the once darkened future of the village people there. that humble farmer found that “light” and used it for the whole village to be “lighted”. In short, they found their way out from darkness to an illuminated world through a little “light” coming from a piece of “stone”.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      I have read books about Africans. Since it is a collection of writing of the best African writers, of course, I never find something weird about your country.

  3. Rex Trulove

    Montana is gold country. A huge amount of gold was found here and the gold strike was bigger than the San Francisco gold strike that put that California city on the map. It is also responsible for our cultural diversity in this state, because Irish and Oriental immigrants came here in the hundreds, hoping to strike it rich. A few did. Ours is a big state but not greatly populated and there is still gold here, but it is mostly illegal to mine it, because of the damage the mining does to the environment.

    1. Rex Trulove

      People tend to be lazy and greedy. It is easier and cheaper to open pit mine, which destroys the land and everything on it. They’ve also used high power jets of water, which also causes destruction. Some gold is still found, using gold panning techniques, though. That isn’t illegal and it does no harm to the environment.

  4. Andria Perry

    About 10 miles deep into the country there is a gold mine but the old man that owns it sells tickets to let people come and pan. I am sure most of the gold has already been mined, but its fun to try. The DeSoto Cave and park had gold panning and that is just 20 miles due east of me.

    I do not know of any operating mines at the moment, except for coal mines, that is Birmingham Al. 50 miles west of me.

    That was a wonderful story! So I tweeted it.

  5. Treathyl FOX

    This is the first time I’ve heard a story where the people in the village actually reaped the benefits. Most of the time it ends up being a tale of oppression and exploitation. Glad you shared this. Gives off a bright light and ray of hope for poor villagers all around the world.

  6. Pat Z Anthony

    Imagine just stumbling on a stone and all of this happening? It is amazing how some lives can be changed for the better when wealth of some sort is involved.

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