After the fact Election Thoughts

The elections is finally over. What are your thoughts? Clinton lost, which was a surprise to many. Some are still in shock and the anger is unreal. The American people have spoken. This election has brought out the worst in people. There have been riots, demonstrations, people not wanting to hear and listen to what is going on. I understand the fears that many are facing. There may somehow be a small light of hope. So many things and fear have been brought out from both sides. The world seems scared too. This in itself is frightening. We all have a right to our feelings and no side is wrong or right. Fear is fear not matter your political affiliation.

It is really sad though that so many people decided to not even come out and vote. All the toss up states went to the other side, but that is mainly due to the fact that so many people decided not to vote. Why is that? Why do we decide not to vote? It is our right to vote for women and people of color and yet so many choose not to use that right. The choice is yours, but to m those that did not vote cannot complain.

I think that once the shock wears off, we will begin to move forward and heal as a nation. We will have to or we will be on the road to a very long 4 years. One thing that needs to happen is there needs to be a discussion/statement from the President-Elect to everyone stating in an honest and sincere manner how important it is to be calm and for us to take the time to get to know someone that we do not know. This is one way we can begin to heal. Another thing would be to change his tone and speaking. Show some humility and stop adding people to your administration that have such ties to areas that cause fear. Also stop trying to have your family in office. The office of the President of the United States is not your family business. One cannot add all the members of their family and run a country effectively, Learning about the culture and ideas of another person can open ones mind to understanding and healing. Our nation due to this election needs healing. It can happen, but it starts with us.


    1. Gil Camporazo

      It hasn’t yet reached several months, the US elected President is seemingly attaining some points in his political campaign.

  1. Ceci

    The result really shocked me although I am not US citizen. Anyway, we still have to move on no matter what.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    The US elections are far over. Trump is now awaiting his inauguration. Once he takes the reign as the new President of the United States, for sure, there is a great changes in all aspects of development on economy, international treaties and relationships, among others.

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