Agriculture Loan Debt Redemption Scheme by Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister Sri Chandra Babu Naidu

The Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Chandra Babu Naidu sir, is on his way of fulfilling his duties and promises to the public.  At the time of elections he made few promises and one of the promise to the farmers is Runa Mafi (Agriculture Debt Redemption). One of the great things he’s doing is the Agriculture Debt Redemption Scheme for farmers. In the state of Andhra Pradesh there are thousands of farmers who availed loans in the past years for cultivating paddy and other crops. Some of them has taken loan more than 1.50 lakhs but to meet all the farmers grievances and debt redemption, our CM kept a some scale of finance per acre and is limited to 1.50 lakh redemption.  He also released G.O.s in this connection. 

I was told more than 3000 crores of Debt redemption has been made so far. All the farmers are happy with this scheme because 90% of them are benefiting with this scheme, the remaining 10% farmers  also may avail,  provided that they have submitted required documents at the bank concerned. The Government is still working on the pending  grievances.  This scheme is really a historical one because it is going in a big way and doing justice to all the eligible farmers. I really appreciate this scheme.  



Because of this Agriculture Debt Redemption scheme most of my relatives who are farmers also got redemption. Farmers will get this benefit of debt Redemption in 5 equal installments year wise. Now 2 installments were over and farmers are waiting for the next announcement. May be next year there will be another one. So far thousands of farmers benefited under this loan debt redemption phase wise. At present there are four phase completed.  

Apart from Agriculture Loan Debt Redemption,  a Horticulture Debt Redemption was also announced, actually this is not a promise to the Horticulture farmers. Hope this scheme also will be successful.

There is a counter opened at their office for the farmers who seeks information about their loan status. The staff is guiding the farmers by checking in the NIC Portal, “Know your loan status”. Farmers can also know about their Loan status online. The Government has made online facility to check their loan status under phase wise. There are many rumours about this Debt Redemption Scheme which is not true, because there are evidence that farmers are getting their Agriculture Loan debt redemption. 




  1. Gil Camporazo

    This is a welcome move from your country’s minister. He wouldn’t fail his constituents anymore of what he had promised during the election time. This is a laudable measure paying off or condoning the delinquent loans of the farmers especially those who can’t afford to repay those loans.

    1. N Sri Naga Jyothi Post author

      No I don’t think he will fail in any of his programs / plans, may be it will be delayed or postponed due to several reasons but he will try to fulfil all his promises step by step.

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