All My Posts Deleted!

All My Posts Deleted!

Why deleted?

Why deleted? This question lingers in my mind though I cannot get an explanation for them being deleted. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I violated some of the rules. But I should have been informed.


Early In the Morning!

It was early in the morning and the sun had started weakly spreading its rays on mother earth. The birds had started chirping their sweet melodies. I woke up with glee to follow after my passion of writing. I opened my computer and logged into the favorite site of mine. Alas! The posts were all gone! Deleted!



I felt helpless! Yes, desperately helpless! I contacted the administration. They confirmed it. My posts were deleted!  Yet I was still a member of the site. Why! Did I violate any rule?


Refurbishing! Rebranding!

It was part of the refurbishing and rebranding strategy. No! Not with my posts. The CEO would have told me to remove them. I would have used them somewhere else. Why were they deleted?


Below Standard!

It is the explanation they gave me. That is the reason they gave me to have deleted my posts. Another site would have done with those posts! They would have told me so when I published them. The SEO showed green and gave me an average above 90 marks for those posts.


Another Site!

It was in another site that the above happened. I cannot give its name here as the site is still on.                image-pixabay


    1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

      There is only one person running this site give him time to check it out. I am worried about it myself. If this one goes bad, that will be it for me with writing online.

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