Amazing Color Change of a Cuttlefish

Amazing cuttlefish uses their skin coloring as camouflage to hide from their predators, or when they feel that they are being threatened. Cuttlefish are made famous by their ability to change their skin coloring rapidly.

The chromatophore is a special elastic cell pigment sac that can be found in the deepest skin layer of the fish. It is full of coloring substance  that surrounded by a muscle that sends the signal to the brain. The pattern of changing color is when the body is stretching and pulsating. The color pattern Starts at the head and spread all throughout the body. Cuttlefish uses color changing by attracting a partner too.

Leila Deravi a  research associate in bioengineering   in Harvard university of engineering in applied sciences  studied the chemical, biological, and optical mechanism . They uncovered that the skin of the cuttlefish contains luminescent protein nanostructures that enable the cuttlefish to make a quick and elaborate changes in skin pigmentation.

The beautiful change that causes the cuttlefish to produce such vivid color is metamorphosis. The science people would describe this physical development  as the evolution.

The creation tells us the story about how God made the creatures of the sea. Was it an evolution and metamorphosis or Gods gift to the world?



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