An introduction and Life information

Why it is that introduction is important?

As I noticed from different kinds of programs, books, comics, movies, radio programs and etc does have introduction to let people know who we are, introducing your identity to the community and some of the purpose why we need introduction is to prepare the people about the information you are going to discuss. In writing a book or stories; the introduction has a big rule to let your readers prepare and have an idea of the information they will get from your stories. So, I took time to start writing an introduction to share about some information of my life; my likes and dislikes; hobbies and what I am going to share to this site in the future for you to have a short idea about my personality.

First of all, I want to say thank you so much to my sponsor or referral person who referred me to join on this program.

I am Jonas Beltran, but want you to call me with my online nickname “jjeeppeerrxx” because I found it unique as you noticed. Married to a lovely and pretty wife named “Gecell” for now we don’t have a child but we keep on praying to our almighty God that he will bless us with children to enjoy our life in the future with a happy family that follows the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ. My hobby is playing basketball game, online puzzle game and etc. I also loved making money online such as social media networking, presently I am a member of few online programs which pays their members. I am an online money maker, presently I am also a distributor of a health products of TRENZ LDR Marketing Company in the Philippines distributor of original and natural food, highest food on earth today “The Purple Corn Products” the main product of our company is the Purple Corn Juice which is a miracle juice that cure almost all kinds of diseases.

Not to mention everything about me but that’s a brief introduction about what I am doing and my likes. Have a great day to all and looking forward to know more people in this society as well as learning from your future articles.


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