Primal Bloggers: Ancient Records

For some or for those who are not into writing, it might be boring, tiring, stressful to do it. But for most of the people who are acquainted with it, this has become their routine, brain exercise, memory enhancement for adult people who are in their waning age.

Writing is like singing. Write normally as possible or sing in a relaxing manner, let your diaphragm expand breath in and out in a continuing right position head and chin up, let the voice box begin to feel the air that’s in and out clearly, you can feel the vibration once a staccato to legato execute in its best tune.

Writing accentuates your mood that will eventually highlight the whole composition once it is finished. Creative writing has been in our soul since time immemorial. Our primitive fathers are not inept not to leave anything to “read”, “written on the wall” for us to understand what they have left behind, it’s a simple as that. Are they the first ancient bloggers of the past who scribed their antiquated laws, culture, traditions and other records of the past. You don’t need to a degree holder in order to communicate the future generations to come. Certainly, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a genius of 200 I.Q to write a simple blog that can be shared around the world wide web.  

In ancient times, writers (or ancient bloggers) used papyrus, skin of animals that can be used as “paper” to record their history, civilization: their way of life, religion, agriculture, politics, events and other important occasions. 

In other countries or parts of the world, they used drawings of some sort in the caves or rocks to record their archaic way of living, their culture, laws, trading, etc. These “bloggers” of primeval times aren’t as sophisticated as today’s generation, but they are as creative as ever leaving some remarkable history beyond their range. With all the tools they needed, they have “visually” imparted their lasting impression how they record it for many years enduring the treacherous conditions of the society having no police to call when burglars burglarize the house, home invasion or even petty crimes in the area that could help the victims from being hurt or the other way around.

Though as much, we understand ancient bloggers’ written record “visually”, our perception remains in awe, realizing how much time they’ve spent to gather their information about their society, politics, religion, trading, laws, education, weather and everything. This shows how important writing or blogging records of experiences, thoughts, ideas of every individual. It can help to verify the blog’s intent how one’s account can be documented, reviewed that will assert certain subject about the blogs’ premise.

With all the primordial evidence written either on papyrus, caves or rocks are early recorded effort that is beneficial to early men how rich historical record artefacts was. Who knows what we’re carrying out with this kind technology with regards in recording our day to day life on blogging it will someday be obsolete 100 years from now!

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    1. John Post author

      Yes, it’s true, we need to relax sometimes. Have a nice and cool red iced tea and watch T.V.

    2. Gil Camporazo

      Writing is relaxing to those who are used to it, but it is too taxing to those who are striving to write as a neophyte.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      What particular skills have you learned in blogging? Blogging is more than writing if you know the very purpose of it.

  1. Gil Camporazo

    This is a very good comparison of writing and singing. It all comes from something, then it is being rehearsed until it becomes natural. It takes it a lot of practice and practice and practice.

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