And The Humidity Is Back July 27th

Good evening. The heat and humidity returned today. We got around ninety, but at one point this afternoon my blazer read 104 while parked where the sun could heat the sensor for the thermometer. Other than that it was a good day.

To start the morning I got the usual chores done then went to help Dad with his morning pills. He sometimes gets nervous for no reason and when he does that he messes up. That was this morning. He had most of his pills out but also a bunch of extras laying on the table. All but two of them are easy to tell apart. Of course thats the two that he had the most of out. I got everything back in the bottles and we started over. Then the only problem was him remembering which once a day pill he takes at night. He did remember that right as he was calming down by then. That just left me having to put his eye drop in. Mom had already called me and told me the doctor had not been in yet at that point. So Dad and I decided to lave around noon to go visit and see if she got to come home. I spent the time waiting getting my dishes done and playing with the puppies. As I was getting ready to go pick up Dad, Mom called and said they were letting her out. When we got there we figured we would still have a couple of hours wait for the paperwork to be done. But they surprised us and were ready. So while Mom dressed I got the blazer and drove to the doors. We were back home in no time.

I spent the afternoon relaxing and then fixed meatballs, green bean casserole, and fried potatoes with onions for dinner. I had two plate fulls. YUMMMMM!!!! Not long after Mom called to see if I would go get her a pizza. She ordered it with everything. Hoping that she dont get heartburn after two and a half days of hospital food.

Then I did evening chores and finally got a shower. That felt great after picking the cucumbers in the garden.

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