And The Rain Finally Came

Can we say happy dance time. Ohio weather is so unpredictable. We have had a very long stretch of hot muggy stiffing heat. The gardens were suffering from the strong sun and keeping potted outside plants watered was almost a full time job for the last few weeks here. The humidity was staying so high that just walking across the yard even in the evenings was a sweat soaked excursion. But that has finally changed, at least for a day or two.

The weather this morning felt like it was going to be more of the same. But a little bit after noon the clouds moved in. At first it looked like it was all going north of us again. I have watched several storms do that this past week. But then it finally turned towards us. I got Duke in right before it started raining. But that one did not last long and the sun came back out. Thankfully about the time I let Duke go back outside I could see another storm coming. Since then we have had almost steady rain. The temperature is down to seventy four and the air smells fresh and clean again. I can already see the garden plants perking up again.

We have had a couple of short breaks in the rain. I walked around outside figuring out some of the things I want to do in the back yard. When I get a long enough break in the rain I am going to finally plant my to burning bushes. The ground should be softening up enough to dig easily. But I might have to go with my second choice for them as I dont know if they will over shadow my butterfly bushes too much. I have two days to decide which spot to put them. Either spot will help hide us from view when we are out in the back yard. Now I need to find a spot for two flowering trees so I can get them in the ground while it is soft also. I want them in the back yard where I can enjoy them in the spring and after they grow some more they will shade us in the summer. That is taking a little bit more thinking as I am still rearranging the back yard. I will go move a few things when the rain stops again. But I am in no hurry for that to happen yet.


cover photo is mine


  1. Gina M. Menorca

    You are welcoming the rain while we are hoping for rain to go away and come again another day or maybe next year. But, we do celebrate every time it rains after a long summer.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Last summer we got too much, this summer started right then went extremely dry. I know the feeling both ways. Hope it stops for you soon.

  2. Eva James Post author

    We are supposed to clear after today. But I love the lower temps that is with it.I have had these two trees in pots since last summer and have not figured out where I want them yet lol

    1. Eva James Post author

      I knew someone was here from Ohio we might not be too far apart. I am near Marion. It sure made the air smell good

    2. Sandy KS

      I live near toledo in a smaller city called Defiance. I knwo where Marion. Only a few hours.

    3. Eva James Post author

      We have been through there once or twice years back when the kids were showing rabbits

    1. Eva James Post author

      We all needed it badly. Ours was about 2 inches over the last 2 days

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