And Today It Poured

Hubby had to wake me up this morning. Usually, I wake up between eight and eight thirty on my own. But at fifteen minutes till nine he came in to get me up. I have to say I was sleeping great at that point.

I did do better with the chores this morning and opened George’s stall door for him. That meant that when I took the dogs for a run he was able to come and see me. Bambi was not happy as Ma and Pa [my parents] were not home. So she did not get her morning treats from them. But we visited after everybody got back home today so she settled down this afternoon.

After that, we headed to the produce auction. When we left home today the sky looked like this.


But as we drove it just kept getting darker. The auction is only about a fifteen-minute drive from our house. We got there just in time. It was sprinkling when we parked but about thirty minutes later the skies opened up. It poured hard. I was glad that I had made it inside when we did. The auctioneers were not as lucky. They both were soaked by the time they got their equipment inside. It was a good sale but I did not buy anything. They did not have anything I wanted this time. But that rain did cool us down a lot. So when we got home I did finally clean most of the shed floor out. It is the one in the above picture. I had the ducks in there this spring and they are very messy little critters. Tomorrow I hope to get my bench out of there and the rest of it cleaned. My bench and gardening stuff are moving to the carport where I have more room and it stays a little bit cooler inside.

Because of the rain, I still have not been to the garden. I will need to on Friday at least. I should have bell peppers ready to pick by then. I am hoping that it continues to stay cooler like this but we could use a small break in the rain now. I think it is supposed to dry out soon.

If some of you had shown up to work today it would have been an easy one. Mostly just the daily animal chores.


photos are mine



  1. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    You have ducks ho so cute, I don’t have, I thought of getting some of the country ducks but my family members restricted for it, stating that it is very difficult to manage with them

    1. Eva James Post author

      They are just messy critters. Even with just a small bowl of water they will try to splash in it.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s nice when the rain you’ve been waiting for finally cools things off. There’s a kind of refreshment and relief that goes along with a good rain, and you just can’t get it any other way.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Even the plants agree. I can see them grow after a good rain compared to watering with the hose

  3. Andria Perry

    I am not fond of animal duty 🙂 well walking dogs is okay, not cleaning stalls.

    We had a dry day! yay, but I am no so sure about today.

    I tweeted this article

    1. Eva James Post author

      Glad you got a dry day, I am now ready for one. Stall duty will soon be done. Thinking about getting George castrated soon

    1. Eva James Post author

      Not sure he will know the difference yet lol. It is finally drying out some here. Trying to send it your way.

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