Do You Have an Annoying Habit That You Can’t Control?

Personality Quirks or Annoying Habits?

Many of us have habits that we are not aware of. Other people are aware of them but not the person with the habit. Maybe people discuss your habit behind your back. This odd personality quirk is part of you and you do it without realizing it. It is inseparable from your character. But what about when that habit is annoying or disruptive to others? Here are some examples.


Persistent Clicking

This happens to be a habit that I have tried unsuccessfully to kick. I find myself just clicking without being aware. My children happened to notice and informed me. I was shocked at what they said and became angry with them.

“This is not my habit” I denied vehemently.

Yet, when I began to listen to myself, there it was! A click was followed by another, and another. There again. And another. Then I began to look at what triggers it.

There was anger and annoyance. When these set in is when I would make a series of clicks. Another was when I was dissatisfied with something or someone. I had to mind not to click in these situations. I tried. The clicking was reduced, but it still persisted. It had become part of me.


Whistling Through Clenched Teeth

There was a man who used to whistle between clenched teeth. He was not aware of it. The man was an expert thief who left no telltale evidence behind. He always had a cast-iron alibi any time he was questioned about a theft he had committed. Yet the habit gave him away one time. Some habits die hard.


lmaginary Smelly Hands

I had a relative who would smell his hands and grimace with disgust. The story goes that when he was young he defecated on a neighbor’s land. The neighbor came and caught him with his pants down. The neighbor forced him to remove the dirt with his bare hands. Afterwards, he always imagined that his hands smelt of the poop – even in his old age. He went to the grave never having kicked this habit.



I worked in a school where the principal would scratch himself when he was speaking in public. He always began with his head, then he would scratch his hands as he continued with the address. He later scratched under his armpits. Without knowing, he went to scratching his sides. Finally and shamelessly he went to scratch himself between his buttocks. We knew the actions so well that we could predict his next move.


Do You Have People Who Have Such Habits?

All over the world, there are people who have such habits. You may have an annoying habit. Share with us. What is the habit? How long have you had it? Do you know the cause? What measures have you taken to stop it? Thank you for sharing.


Featured image: Pezibear/Pixabay/CC0


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I have actually known people who clicked their tongues unconsciously. It wasn’t a terribly persistent habit but definitely, one they were unaware of. The “smelly hands” habit sounds like it was a psychological issue. Your relative probably never got over the embarrassment, not only of being caught but also of being forced to clean up his mess in such a manner. It was actually a traumatic experience, in his case.

  2. Andria Perry

    If I knew of my bad habits I would try to overcome them IF they were annoying the people around me. I am sure I have one or maybe a dozen.

    I stumbled this article.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    Some really don’t seem to realize they are doing what they are doing at times. When they become aware of such behavior, some still can’t always rid themselves of certain habits.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      There was one man in our place. He keeps on shouting. The persons around were shocked. According to those who knew the man, they said that he suffered from a nervous breakdown.

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