Apple Cider Vinegar and High Blood Pressure

When an individual goes to the doctor for a routine examination, his doctor will want to take the patient’s blood pressure. The blood pressure readings consist of two numbers. The higher number is called the systolic reading which “measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats (when the heart muscle contracts) ( The lower number-the diastolic-measures the pressure when the heart is resting. He wants to make sure that you have normal blood pressure and not have you run a risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.

According to, you have normal blood pressure if your readings are less than 120 for the systolic and 80 for the diastolic readings. It does not mean that you have high blood pressure if your readings are slightly higher than normal. In that situation you have pre- hypertension. Then as the numbers go higher, you are in different stages of high blood pressure. If the numbers are too high, your doctor might have you ordered to be admitted to the hospital. He has your best interests in mind.

With the exception of hypertensive crisis high blood pressure, where the readings are 180 over 110, and you are admitted to the hospital, your doctor may try different approaches. He may have you monitor your blood pressure by keeping daily reading. Just because you have a high reading does not necessarily mean that you have high blood pressure. Certain situations may trigger a high reading. For example, you may be under stress. Certain medications may cause your blood pressure to elevate. You may be a little under the weather. He may have you change up your diet. For example, he may tell you to reduce your sodium intake or to stay away from your local fast food chains.

If your blood pressure does not go down or if your regadings put you closer to Stage 2 hypertension, your doctor may prescribe medications for you. While this all seems fine and dandy, there are many risks with both over-the-counter and prescription medications. How many times have you heard about a recall on one drug or another that it causes heart attack or cancer? Wouldn’t you rather try something safer first and use the medications as a last resort? The answer may even be in your house right now. Look through your pantry and see if you have a bottle of apple cider vinegar. If you do not have it, go to the nearest grocery store.


Image courtesy of   Clare Bloomfield at

Image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield at

Make it a habit to make a daily tonic. Within a few weeks you will see your blood pressure numbers are lower. Fill an eight ounce glass with warm water. Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in it. If it is too sour for you add a teaspoon of honey and/or lemon juice. Drink this tonic one to three times a day. If your stomach starts to feel irritated with this tonic, reduce the amount of apple cider vinegar to one teaspoon.

Any spice that is hot helps with high blood pressure. Try adding a teaspoon of ginger to your tonic. Cayenne pepper works wonders as well. However, do to the potency of this only add only a little at a time.
While some individuals claim that taking a teaspoon or two without mixing it with water works wonders, it may be too strong. It is a potent liquid and may cause your throat and esophagus to be irritated. Dentists advise against doing this as well because they say the enamel on your teeth can be eroded.

High blood pressure is not something to mess around with. Millions of people are diagnosed each year with high blood pressure. If you decide to try apple cider vinegar to get your numbers lowered it is necessary to monitor your blood pressure. You can monitor it at home by purchasing a blood pressure monitor. Talk to your doctor and get advice on the best ones to buy. It is better to spend money on a more expensive, but accurate one, rather than getting a cheap piece of junk. Your doctor is here to help you get and stay well. Set up regular appointments with him.

Many home remedies are out there so you can avoid spending money on going to the doctor to treat your health ailments. However, with high blood pressure, it is a must to see your doctor. Talk to him if you are planning to use apple cider vinegar in your daily regimen to make sure it will not counter react with other medications and supplements you are taking.


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