Do You Know These 2 Great Medicinal Values of the Apple of Sodom?

Apple of Sodom is a fruit in the nightshade species that is sometimes also called bitter or poison apple. The plant is considered a weed in Africa, Australia and other parts of the world. It is often destroyed, as the fruit is poisonous and many people believe the plant is valueless to humans. Yet the apple of Sodom has two great medicinal values that many are not aware of.

Apple of Sodom - Unripe Fruit(Image: Carsten Niehaus/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Apple of Sodom – Unripe Fruit
(Image: Carsten Niehaus/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Characteristics of the Apple of Sodom

The apple of Sodom has the following characteristics:

  • Sodom apple has star-shaped purple flowers with yellow at the center.
  • The fruits of this nightshade are like slightly flattened tomatoes. The fruit is white with green stripes, turning to yellow when it becomes ripe. The fruit is poisonous.
  • Nearly every part of the plant including the stem and fruit is characterized by thorns. This is a preventive measure against its enemies.
  • It is a shrub or bush that grows up to 2 metres high.
  • It is botanically known as Solanum linnaeanum, though there are other species.


The Two Medicinal Properties of the Apple of Sodom

{EDITOR’S NOTE: The author is describing traditional folk remedies that are documented in parts of Africa and Oceania. The information is for reference purposes only and is not intended as a prescription. The apple of Sodom fruit is toxic.}

  1. Apple of Sodom fruit relieves toothaches

Many people around the world have problems with their teeth. Among other dental concerns, we have bleeding gums, bad breath and cavities in the teeth. Most problems are brought about due to poor eating habits. At times, a toothache can be the cause of a sleepless night. Most medicines in the market seem not to relieve the pain. On seeing the dentist, he mostly advises you to extract the painful tooth or to refill cavities in the tooth. That is when the apple of Sodom comes in handy.

Instead of having the tooth extracted, some people might prefer a traditional folk remedy that uses the Sodom apple. Just gargle with the juice from the fruit on the side of the mouth where the tooth hurts. Do not swallow the juice. Spit it out and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Do it just once. WARNING: Sodom apple fruit is poisonous and one should not swallow the juice.

Apple of Sodom - Flower and Ripe Fruit(Image: Forest & Kim Starr/Starr Environmental/ CC BY 3.0)

Apple of Sodom – Flower and Ripe Fruit
(Image: Forest & Kim Starr/Starr Environmental/ CC BY 3.0)

  1. Apple of Sodom root cures stomachache

The root of the apple of Sodom is very strong in curing stomach aches. It has the power of acting as an antacid and neutralizing any pain in the stomach. My mother happened to use this medicinal value of the apple of Sodom many times on me and it worked miracles.

How to Use Apple of Sodom to Treat a Stomach Ache

  • Uproot a mature apple of Sodom plant.
  • Remove its roots and wash them well.
  • Chew the roots, swallowing the juice and if possible the root particles themselves. It is not bitter but tastes like most antacid medicines.
  • Drink plenty of water after chewing the roots. The water is to assist the apple of Sodom chewed roots to neutralize the acid in the stomach.
  • Rest for a few minutes and your stomach ache will be gone. If pain persists, seek medical attention.


Disclaimer: The author is not a health care professional. The information in this article is intended for reference purposes only. It is not a prescription and should not replace diagnosis or care by a licensed dentist or physician.

Featured image: Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay/CC0


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