Are the extraterrestrials out there?

When we look up in the sky we see the wast space filled with the stars – the solar systems very much like our own. All those little blinking dots are the suns with their own orbiting planets. What stops them to have a conditions for the life – the atmosphere, water, vegetation and thriving life?


What stops them to develop an intelligent form of the life –  the foundation for the civilization? Well, take in consideration our own solar system – our own Sun is currently at the particular age, it is on the appropriate distance of our home planet and only one planet of all is capable of sustaining the life. Nobody said that there is no other life in this solar system but as far we know now, there is still none. So, if take all this in consideration – most of these solar systems are dead because of the size or the nature of their suns. Most of the planet that are circulating around these suns are also dead, if we take the model of our own system. But there is still enough planets to make the life – so we can say that we can’t be alone in this Universe because it is less probable than to be alone. Numbers are just way too huge to believe in the opposite.


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