Are the ghost voices real?

I don’t want to bring the bad news – but they are not real. Not because I am a skeptic or I chose not to believe but just because it is so easy to see through the hoaxes some people put on to make others believe into this nuisance.

Sop, if they are not real – how can it be done?

Well, it is very easy to fool a person who never worked with any sound machine. Some microphones are so sensitive that they will pick almost anything and if you put a simple mobile phone somewhere close, you will have all sorts of the unearthly noises and sounds in the picture.

If a microphone i s sensible enough you can even put a person or a recording in another room, instruct it to produce answers in a  higher pitch than average – usually those sounds are easily picked up – or just use an additional device that can’t be heard by human ear but it can be picked up by a sensible equipment and then reproduce in a much larger scale.

So, f you want to make an April’s fool this is a great way to freak out anyone, but it is still a hoax and nothing serious.

Another problem – what when these voices are real and there is no equipment or a trick?



    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      I will try to explore real evil things for my next work. It maybe be good thing to spice my writing.

  1. Shavkat

    I guess a ghost whispered to me once. It was the period where my father is in his wake. I got scared at first because it was my father’s voice calling my name outside the house. It wasn’t only me who had heard the whispering voice. My close friend is with me that time. I guess my father is saying goodbye to me.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      It is nice how you shared what happened, but I would really love to hear more details about this case too?

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