Are The Olympic Games Worth a Few Sleepless Nights?

There is no doubt in my mind that the biggest event of 2016 is represented by the Summer Olympics. Every four years the best athletes in the world compete in this huge celebration of world sports, each of them hoping to get a medal(or more in individual sports like athletics, gymnastics or swimming) that would represent the pinnacle of their careers. During the two weeks in which the games take place millions of viewers from all over the world are drawn to this impressive diversity of sporting events like a magnet and thanks to extensive TV coverage they watch live broadcasts of sports they usually have little interest in, at least this is my case, and I suppose there are others like me. Sports like fencing, weightlifting, judo, archery and others which I usually don’t watch because I don’t find them interesting for viewers all of a sudden appear to be exciting, especially if competitors from my country are involved.

This objective, to watch as many live sporting events as possible, is not easy to accomplish especially because of the difference of time zone between Brazil and my country, Romania. There are competitions which start late at night in my country, even the opening ceremony begins at 2:00 AM, so it’s inevitable for me to wonder whether it’s worth spending a few sleepless nights in front of the TV. It is an experience I have already been through two years ago, when Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup, but even if I’m a huge fan of football I gave up watching live some of the games which kicked off late at night.

Now I have to face the same dilemma as in 2014: Is it worth making efforts to stay awake until the early hours of the morning to watch more broadcasts from Rio de Janeiro? Well, it’s probably not a good idea to do it every night and have several extra cups of coffee to help me not to fall asleep, because it would be an exhausting experience and I wouldn’t want to feel tired every day for two weeks. Therefore I have almost made up my mind: I will not do it every night, I will resume myself to watch the competitions available at accessible hours in Romania, I feel it’s better this way, but there will certainly be a few exceptions.

For example, Romanian women handball team’s first game starts at 1:50 AM, so how can I not make the effort of watching it when this is the only representative of my country in team sports in this edition of the Olympic Games? There will be at least one sleepless night, possibly a few more nights like that if the girls from the handball team reach the final stages of the tournament, so I guess I will make a few extra provisions of coffee for the next couple of weeks. After all, the Olympics take place only every four years, so maybe a few sleepless nights is not such a big price to pay!

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    1. Sebastian Onciu Post author

      That would be the ideal scenario, indeed, but unfortunately we can’t afford to travel to Rio, so watching the games on TV is the only option for most people.

  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Some are able to record and watch later, which must be great. And you are right-the Olympic games are the biggest event of the season. Many must be enjoying the Olympics right now.

    1. Sebastian Onciu Post author

      Yes, and I try to enjoy as much as I can of these games. There are still a few days left from this edition, but there’s surely still plenty of exciting action and drama to experience.

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