Are You Afraid of Being Criticized Considering You Can’t Write Innately?

Our intuition says differently when we are engaging in an arena, we never had a chance to be in, lacking in experience, it’s not my world thing, I don’t have the guts to that and the what not!


In writing, it’s so easy to get lost, uninspired writers sometimes is unable to start looking for the right topic like we thought beforehand that we can do it but failed even before the writer starts to write.


Writing is not my world, but curiosity leads me to something I envision myself as a poet when I was young. I did pursue it even if it is not my field. I face the inevitable; I don’t even know how foolish I am in a hippodrome of high breed writers who are the luminaries in the literary world!


When I started to write back in the mid-90s I was so afraid that after writing my first ever poem is to be scrutinized and let everyone in the group to see it. I thought my world would go to crush after reading it and critique my poem, I was sweating heavily, I felt embarrassed, I thought my work was the best, I remember them reading it line by line, I was breathing heavily because I have no idea that critiquing the work of other poet is as simple as reading it, I was awfully and dead wrong!  Most in the group is from the well known colleges and universities, the critics are all multi-awarded poets. Once the poem is in the hand of a critic you will realize that either you felt blessed by fire or you are ashamed of your work and never to write again.


I felt blessed by fire after my horrible experience with that group. Being afraid to write things you love the most will stop you from doing it if you are in your comfort zone unable to explore things and share your ideas with some of the brightest people that could lead you to pursue your dreams or your career. I did the right thing and am still writing.


Critics are human too, don’t be afraid of them. They too have their own problems and they too are being criticized for whatever endeavour they may have. They are there to remind us of something we might miss or give us some insights about our work we are dealing with. It’s for own good and for our own purpose, I guess we all have to live with it. Without them, what is it like then, claiming our book, novel, poem, and the article is one of the best when no one reads, critique by the bright mind that will either hate your work or love it.


It is still an amazing experience being critique now and then. 


Just keep on writing!


  1. Sandy KS

    I use to worry about that. The longer I wrote, the more I learned that I needed to hear criticism of my work. That way I can improve.

    1. John Post author

      Yes, we all have the same feeling, Sandy! It’s a good thing from time to time we are humble enough to hear from other’s criticism.

    2. Sandy KS

      Yes, it was a hard lesson to learn. Once i got over that hump I realize the importance of criticism.

  2. grace

    Each site expects a different standard for writing. . Many blogging sites are more concerned with the length of the blog rather than the correctness in terms of grammar and spelling. Sites where the writer is given a project that is where the standard is pretty high and where grammar and spelling does count.

  3. Isabel

    When I was younger, I would say this is my constant fear. Nowadays, with blogging coming up, it has become easier to write. My worst critic is myself though and I still have to get past me 😀

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