Are You Aware Of These 8 Amazing Forms Of Greetings

  • The way people greet may leave you wondering with both your eyes and mouth gaping. Greetings does not end with ‘Namaste’ among the Indians, ‘Ciao’ among the Italians, ‘Bonjour’ among the French or ‘Jambo’ among the Swahili. It goes beyond that. There are actions that go with that.

8. Lying Prostrate On The Ground As A Form Of Greetings

This form of greetings may be almost dying but it was done among the Israelites and the Yoruba people. It was mainly done to greet diginitaries or chiefs.

The salutation was or is a form of respect. Greetings being a form of communication it is done this way to communicate the esteem they regard the diginitary.

7. Kneeling As A Form Of Greeting

Kneeling has been and is still the tradition of the women of Uganda to their males. It shows honor and respect. A woman kneels and talks with a man with eyes to the ground. She never allows her eyes to meet with those of the man.

6. Folding Your Hand Into A Fist and touching The Knuckles

This form of greetings is used to avoid shaking of hands. Since there are so many diseases that can be transmitted by handshakes, the touch the knuckles greetings assists here.

5. Putting Your Hands together At Your Chest And Bowing

This form of greetings is common among the Thai. It shows great respect and honor to each other. The greetings also look so good to observers. With a broad smile on your face and the picture is complete.

4. Bowing And An Elder Patting Your Head In Blessing And Greetings

This form is common in Asian communities. It shows good culture, respect and honor. It also comes with blessings.

Handshake as a form of greeting

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3. Handshake As A Form Of Greetings

Handshakes are all over the globe.It shows you are friends. The open hands show that you are at peace and there is no hidden weapon.

2. A Kiss As A Form Of Greetings

This form of greetings show a more close relationship. It is a sign of love. The greetings is more intimate. It comes with a certain peace of mind and sense of belonging. There are other casual kisses like a peck on the cheek.

1. A Hug As A Form Of Greeting

A hug is the warmest of all the greetings. A hug comforts and consoles. Hugs are greetings of feeling. They show kinship, comradeship and brotherhiood.

There are many more forms of greetings that are not included here. There is for example waving of a hat and bowing.


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  1. Pat Z Anthony

    For many of us in the US, hugging would be the choice for family and friends. Shaking hands might be what we use when first meeting someone. It might also be used when greeting someone who is a business acquaintance.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Taking elder’s right hand and place it on your forehead is also a form of greeting or a respect. It is the early practice of the early Filipino kids. Nowadays, it seems forgotten.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      As a parent, I am proud my children and grandchildren are doing that. When I was a kid, I never missed to greet my parents and show respect to them. It feels something good, something wonderful to be respectful to them and also to the elderly.

    2. @stbrians meshack bwoyele keya Post author

      Gnd virtues like these Should be passed Down to generations and generations. Am happy your Children and grandchildren still follow the good that you taught them. Many have deviated and no Longer Value old values. They call themselves digital and do not value Analogue ideas @nakitakona13

    3. Gil Camporazo

      Perfectly! They should and they must do it for themselves. They should show to their parents that they value much those values of exemplary character.

  3. Jo Pin

    It’s very interesting to know that all of us have many different ways of greetings because of cultures and tradition yet we live in one world.

  4. Gina M. Menorca

    I have to mention that a hand wave is also a form of greeting. Am I right? I do that to greet people that I know when We are at ten meters away or just passing by. A smile too

  5. Jacky Hughes

    I heard that rubbing noses is a form of greeting in Innuit culture. People in the UK sometimes hug and kiss one or both cheeks.

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