Are you Doing Anything Different Today? Goals and Plans for July 26, 2016

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Do you have anything different planned for today? I do. Before I tell you what I have planned, let me first tell you some good news I have about a couple of things. First, I got my first paying client yesterday for resume writing and she is very happy with the resume I did for her. In fact, not only did she pay me (she got the half off price since she was the first and 4 more people get that before I go back to regular rates) but she also wrote a very nice testimonial for me to place on my website. Go on over to my website testimonials page and read what she and a couple of other people, who I did resumes for free before I decided to start my own business, had to say about my services. Once you read these testimonials, please share my website with everyone you know, whether they need a resume or not. I ask that you share it for me, if you don’t mind, because even if someone you know doesn’t need one right now, they might need one later or they might know someone who needs one done now or later.

The other piece of good news I have to share is that I heard back this morning on the trial article I did for CDA News. They have published the article and paid me and I will hear back by the end of the week if I am among those who have been chosen to continue to write for their site. Although I am not in yet, I am still in the running for it! I hope to hear some good news by the end of the week about that. I will definitely share that on here and on my blog with everyone too.

Now, on to my plans for the day and what is different than most days. Since I got my first paying resume writing client and she gave a nice testimonial and I now have three people who are happy with my services so far, I am going to market my new business more today to attract new paying clients. That is the different part of what I am doing today.

I am also going to be writing in my blog, the co-blog I help run, and the news sites I am on. I am not saying how much I am doing today at each place because I don’t know yet. I also have a regular article to do for a client I got the other day and four hotel articles for a client I got last night. However, the hotel articles are not due until next week. I do want to start on them today or tomorrow though and get them done before the deadline. The regular article for the other client isn’t due until tomorrow but I will start on it tonight some time.

What are your plans for today? Are they different in any way than they have been lately? Do you also have good news to share with others?



  1. Andria Perry

    Way to go! Now you have found what you can thrive in, so run with it!

    I took a day off I am so tired from all the work, I slept hard for a few hours not a nap, it was supposed to have been a nap.!

  2. Nona

    Sounds like things are going well for you and your new business!

    As for myself, nothing new going on. No time for new things. Hardly time for old things!

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