Are You Ready To Be A Blessing Today?


“Lord, let me be a blessing today. Please show me someone who I can bless.”

It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are. Actually, most religions encourage giving and kindness to others.

In giving to others, we ultimately give to ourselves by removing self-centered thoughts and replacing them with other-centered thoughts, which can turn your life around.

When we’re young we’re the most self-centered because we have all these hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions which are not harmful in and of themselves. But as a young person, if you can spare some of your time in the service of others who may need a little or a lot, all that you do achieve in life will be that much more satisfying and appreciated.

I mention young people, but obviously many older folks haven’t grasped this idea! We all learn at different times in life.

You can bless someone starting by looking around your home and seeing what you don’t need anymore. Give these things away or donate to a shelter or Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Look around your neighborhood. Is there someone who’s grass hasn’t been mowed recently? Go mow it if you can. Are there seniors living on their own in your neighborhood? Go ask them if there is something you could do for them.

Finally, young parents – teach your children to give (or do good) at an early age and they will be happier more well-rounded children.

Whoever you are: Go do good. Go bless someone who is least expecting it.





  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I find it interesting how many religious (and spiritual) people emphasize not only kindness but often giving of money, things and services in a rather structured way (e.g. tithing, ongoing community service, etc.) This is not necessarily a part of Pagan religion, which tends to emphasize choosing one’s own opportunities to do good over structured programs and making people feel obliged to give.

    The downside of the freedom to choose is that many do choose to keep their wealth for themselves, and will not even donate to a cause from which they themselves benefit. I suppose in a way, this is seen on social blogging sites too, when we look at the many who post just to earn their own coins and who fail to see the need for quality content from which the whole community benefits. But I do think that having options rather than rules encourages moral growth.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    There are ways to help (bless) others on a daily basis. Sometimes just a polite conversation with someone will make that persons day. Too often people feel they have nothing to give money or things, when time or kindness will do!

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