Are You Remorseful When You Hurt Someone?

We are not perfect so to speak. This means that anything may happen. Worse, we may be hurting others unknowingly for our comments, for our reactions to a situation. Besides, we are too sensitive for anything especially when our ego or pride is affected.

This is a general fact. Anything that gets into our stomach may be good or bad, but they could be swallowed and even digested. But anything that comes out from the mouth would be dangerous and sharp as two-edged sword which could kill. That’s the lesson that we should take seriously.

Anyway, when it does happen, do you feel sorry about it? Do you admit your imperfection and ask for forgiveness? I know others are not doing that for they claim that it is an admission of guilt and a degradation of one’s personality. And it’s a sign of being infirm, coward.

I am very sorry and feel remorseful if I do hurt someone, especially my wife because of my unethical comment or unsolicited advice. I am terribly sorry for hurting her. I don’t want her to be like that, to be insulted. I love my wife. We’re only humans and we’re not perfect. I also affected and hurt.


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Because you are sympathizing with them. You are putting your foot on their own shoes.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      As to what extent of being sorry remains in every individual. I am a very sensitive person. I get easily hurt and feel bad.

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