Argument with oneself – Apples don’t exist

I don’t trust a person easily after two solid sentences was spoken. It takes me time to develop any opinion about person I wish to know and spend my time even if we only meet in the street once a week, unless that person call me feeble poser in 5 second after I told him good day. I can say I’m unfriendly woman who believe in flattery, but it is not without reason for me. I have enough past experiences to be careful with things I can not control.

During my teenage I was unbearable. I’m interested in make up, fashion, fun, music, yoga, alternative lifestyles and some philosophy, but never in study. This is why my poor mother weeped behind me asking for perfect daughter. I’m her only female child whose being so distant to harsh options and reality we inhabit. What a cry of soul who has no knowledge that choice is up to us. Only argumentation is with oneself, with mind.

Why shouldn’t I be successful like my brothers with good grades and expectations topped with good jobs? I live in a world that disrespects womenkind, that expects something else than an average I can see online. We are not free to choose, unless choice is us.

My parents fear for my well being but it turn that I am happiest of children they raised.So what choice is beyond reaching happy and keeping it that way? Is money that make person happy when become old pot of rust and illness? I don’t think. My major subject I closed my schooling was Philosophy and top interest was something about complex things of paradox, parallel realities. Interesting I can confirm.

I even make this one test with two people holding an apple each, or apples, and person in task shall back turn away guessing what color is apple.  Task is to make decision and choices that will do minimum fallacy.

This is one trick situation because person in test can’t see apple’s, peoples, or colors. If they are there. Do they chose to change apples. Do they same people every minute of time.

Options and choices person can make and do here are endless. If person think out that all options and put in calculation it will give results that are impossible to cover efficiency to maximum.

In other words, person should avoid to play by rules one can’t control under terms that are impossible to avoid mistakes. Question of trust and faith here can be rise, can be rise question of one determination to participate or usability not to. Solution to this paradox shall not exist, but ways to prevent ambivalence of existing in ever wrong loop of mistakes is even crazier than this.

Featured image: Pixabay/PourquoiPas/Public Domain


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