Ashitaba Leaf, The Tomorrow Leaf

My family learned about Ashitaba from television. It was on the show of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, a magazine oriented show in the Philippines, hosted by Ms. Jessica Soho. There is a specific village in one city where the neighborhood are eating Ashitaba leaves. One day, I saw my mother holding a lots of leaves at home and it smells like citrusy. I asked her where did she get it and told me that someone from far neighbor allowed her to pick the leaves. We started chewing this leaves from there on. I guess we have been doing this for a year now. 

What is Ashitaba and what is the health benefits of this one? 

Ashitaba is originally from Japan, a large herb that grows there. It claims to solve health issues like stroke, high blood pressure, GERD, stomach ulcer etc. 

The amazing benefits includes it improves heart health, when you have wounds it heals easily, improves memory, solves bowel movement or  constipation, it helps in protein nourishment, prevents colon cancer, speed up digestion, it has anti-bacterial property, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, regulates blood circulation, provides calcium for bones, regulates glucose intake, good for skin, good to avoid viral infection, contains different vitamins, good for those who has asthma, gout, other infections and of course some organs like liver.

I am chewing this almost every morning because I need it. There are so many things to learn about this what they called the Tomorrow leaf. Now, we have 3 pots and we are planting for personal use. From experienced, it helps me with my skin, eyesight, organ problem, avoiding viral infections and the like. I know this leaf is preparing me to be healthy. 

Already, there are Ashitaba tea that is out in the market. There are also Ashitaba smoothee from the powder. It tastes like you are eating the leaf of calamansi but for me it tastes good. 

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