Attracting More New Readers with Unique Content

“Where do you struggle with your blog?”


A blogging group I am in poses a question every day about blogging and that was today’s question.


My short answer was Thats easy. Getting readers! And, by extension, being motivated enough to write, because its no fun talking to yourself.


I may have mentioned before that I have been blogging since around 1999.  My blogs have always been personal blogs.  I talk about my life, my families, my hobbies.  When I first started this was what MOST bloggers wrote about.  In the past year blogging, like everything else in the world, has evolved.


Now blogging has turned into “article writing” and instead of being about sharing your individual live it has become all about creating the kind of content that attracts readers.  It’s no longer about sharing a cute thing your son did, but more about trying to sell the t-shirt your son was wearing in the photo you took of the cute thing he did, while trying to figure out the best collection of keywords to draw customers in from search engines via SEO (or something like that.)


When I first started blogging I got a lot of comments from people with similar lives and similar hobbies.  Now people barely read a full sentence before leaving my page, and certainly don’t leave a comment.  My bounce rate is horrible! Google will never love me.




Looking at my answer as to what my struggles are, I started trying to think of ways to fix my blogging issues.


Once I had hundreds of unique views on a daily basis.  Because I was a part of many blog exchanges that no longer exist.  Where you got views to your page based on how many views you gave other pages.  It was a great way to attract visitors, but now many visitors turned into new readers?  You would be surprised.  When blog click exchanges were in their prime I had lots of the same people visit and leave comments on a regular basis.


Click exchanges still exist, but none of them have bloggers on them.  Most of them are exchanging clicks to other click exchanges.


Blogging groups, like the one’s I’m part of on Facebook are one way to get more visitors.  Mostly because places like that make it a rule that to share your content you must view someone elses content in return.  Social Blogging pages, such as BlogBourne, make it a little easier to turn visitors into constant readers.  They are more likely to view your post and leave a comment because they are also rewarded for it.


Both ways, while the person on the other end may well turn into a constant reader, it is more likely to be because something is in it for them than because they really care what I had for breakfast.  Which brings me to my next problem.




I tend to refer to myself as the most boring blogger ever (despite what my tag line here might say about me) but I do occasionally like to talk about myself.  But talking about myself TO myself, via blogging and not receiving any comments, gets dull.  When I post several things with little to no feedback I go through long dry spells with not writing.


This does nothing to attract new readers.


When I talk about creating unique content I mean two things.  As a blogger trying to attract new readers you want to create content that is different from the other bloggers out there. That is a hard task in itself because so many blogs out there are cookie cutter blogs with cookie cutter content.  But they are all delilivering what the fans want to see.  So you have to take this cookie cutter content and someone make it personally yours.  Like taking a sugar cookie and turning it into a pokeball with a little icing. 


For example take a look at my Ghostbusters Review, where I took a bland review and made it more personal by talking about my favorite character.


But when I say Unique Content, I also mean post more often.


If you have a regular posting schedule such as every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then you have people who like your blogging voice showing up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  But if you miss one wednesday, then another, then a friday, then go a week without posting anything, even your most loyal readers are not going to keep visiting your blog.


So, in conclusion, what I need to do to tackle this lack of readers is to find some cookies I like, frost them with my personality, and dish them out on a regular basis.




The group I’m speaking of is Blogging Friends on Facebook if you would like to join in with us.


If you cannot comment you might consider joining BlogBourne.  After joining not only will you be able to comment, but you can also earn coins for creating your own unique content and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.


If you don’t want to join you can follow my fan page at NonerSays and leave your comments on the link I’ve shared to this article there.


Image Credit: blog article header image was taken from Pixabay and edited to fit.


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    How true! Blogging was very different years ago. Today we need to write in a different way – less often, longer posts. And there’s so much more content to compete with. It’s a tough market! You have to love blogging to stick with it.

  2. Kyuminette

    Yeah one of my way to attract readers is that my title should be attractive that will catch their attention like gaining some knowledge post but mostly I’ve noticed is that when it regards to additional financial income post.

  3. Sandy KS

    I once had my site peeked at by anonymous blogger. People are blunt. If you’re sensitive. It can hurt your feelings.

    It helped me. As I worked on each thing that was brought up.

    I had it peeked at again. Last thing was mention was my sites name was to long. I really like and want to keep the name. So, I change my blogs background to reflect the title and what my site was about.

    I need to have it peeked at again. I wonder if it will pass this time.

  4. Andria Perry

    I learn from the professional bloggers, One named Kim has earned awards ( I am sure someone told me) for blogging and I always read how she writes things, even her personal blogs. I came a long way since 2013 when I first began but I am like you I want to be read and not just by one or two people, I want to know if I suck or not. I got thick skin so I can evolve with the truthful comments.

  5. Ann Bailey

    Great points…thanks for the advice. I agree that constant, or continuous, writing is very important. My pet peeve, though, is reading posts where there are spelling and/or grammar errors. We all need to check, and check some more!

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