August (2016) Musings Thus Far…

Here it is the 12th of August already!!  A week ago come this weekend, our oldest son got married.  It was a very nice ceremony and was a welcome relief from July’s deaths of my “great” niece’s baby and a cousin.  The wedding of our son was a good relief from the other side of life..death!!  Was glad that we were there and his youngest brother was there as well.  His other brother made it to see him after the wedding though.  You learn a lot from FaceBook! lol


Since our son’s wedding we have been picking choke cherries and plums, besides the currants we have in our yard.  Have made some choke cherry/jalapeno jelly.  Yeah, I didn’t have a specific recipe, but I mixed two recipes together!!  I now have the last of the choke cherries that I boiled up to make a juice and am fermenting it!!


The recipe I put together from two recipes is:

Choke Cherry/Jalapeno Jelly

First boil up about 5 pounds of berries for about 15-20 minutes.  Strain the juice and squeeze/mash the berries to get more juice.  You should have about 3 1/2 cups of choke cherry juice.

Add 10 large peppers and  1/2 cup lemon juice to the choke cherry  juice and blend in mixer.  Add 1 box of dry pectin to the chokecherry juice with peppers and stir.  Stirring constantly, bring to a rolling boil (a boil that doesn’t stop boiling as you stir.)  Stir in sugar.  Return to rolling boil,stirring constantly, boil 1 more minute.  Remove from heat.  Ladle into prepared jars.  Tighten lids.  Bring water to boil and process jars for 10 minutes.


Of course in between I’ve mowed the yard, the front half acre and our yard.   Tended the garden of tomatoes and peppers and the strawberry patch.  Of course, doing laundry and doing dishes, normal house cleaning.  Oh, yeah and in between all that, we  started to get wood for the winter months!!!  Oh, yeah and I have over 5 gallons of plums to process!!  I also need to make use of the frozen tomatoes that I have in the freezer from last years garden.  Been doing some research on the internet on how to use frozen tomatoes in sauces, you just use them like you would for fresh tomatoes, except for taking off the “skin.”  But for today, mainly cleaning house to get ready for processing the plums!!


I know I’m busy now and won’t be on the site too much, but come this winter we sure will be reaping the benefits of the hard work!!



photo courtesy of pixabay



  1. Nona

    I might be alone in not liking pepper jellys. I prefer mine to just be sweet. I do love homemade fruit jellys and jams though.

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