August: Family Fun Month

Did you know August is Family Fun Month? Families come in all different varieties. No matter the size or type of family, spending time together should be a priority. Finding fun activities to do as a family should actually occur on a regular basis. Dedicating an entire month to family fun is just an extra bonus.

The month of August often represents the winding down of summer. Soon, the school year will be back in session. Sports, homework, and extracurricular activities tend to fill daily schedules quickly. Enjoying family fun time before the hustle and bustle of the school year sets is a chance to connect and make memories.

Movie Night

Picking the right movie depends on the age of your children. Older children can provide input on the movie to watch. Having a movie night can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy family fun time. In fact, movie night should be a monthly or weekly tradition.

  • Order pizza
  • Make popcorn or other healthy snacks
  • Collect all electronic devices

Day Trips

Vacationing may not be an option with work schedules, finances, and other commitments. Going on day trips can be the next best thing.  Packing a cooler full of sandwiches, drinks and snacks can be a frugal way to spend time with your family on your day adventure.

  • Go hiking at a local or state park
  • Attend an outdoor concert (many are free in the summer time)
  • Go to the lake for a day of swimming
  • Attend fairs or festivals
  • Watch local car races

Be a Local Tourist

Every town or city has different types of attractions or events. Many of the activities are free or have minimal costs to attend. Being a local tourist in your own hometown may be the right adventure for your family

  • Go to local museums
  • Attend art shows at local galleries
  • Visit historical destinations
  • Attend local parades and fairs
  • Go to the local observatory to view the stars
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Go to a local sporting event

Backyard Fun

Spending time together in the backyard can be just as fun as traveling to events.

  • Have a cookout
  • Bonfire with smores
  • Build a fort
  • Have an ice cream night
  • Yard games

Rainy Day Fun

Rainy days, often make the best time for family fun.

  • Cook an entire meal together including the desert
  • Play a board game
  • Create art

The destination or activity is really not the important aspect. Spending time as a family is a priceless experience. Often the simplest activity brings back the happiest of memories.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    We also celebrate family month here in our country. It is in the month of September as per order of Presidential Proclamation signed by the President of the country.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      The third week of September is celebrated by us in our Church as a family week and we culminate it on Saturday with lots of fun, family activities, etc.

  2. Rebecca Post author

    I love festivals We have many different kinds here. Each representing a different type of culture or event. I love to go and walk around. I think I learn something new each time I attend.

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