August is here! August

August, the eighth month of the year.  It’s a month of good impression towards our dreams and plans,. The only month ordained with self-respect and respect for and from all.  It’s a time to make you feel respect and respected. Hence, it may be a great season to bury everything that make you sad. This is the moment to put a crowned piece of happiness. The good things do not come easily.


it is also a time when schools are closing for mid holiday. This month is often characterized with children laughter and cries in the evening. The children voices are swallowed with the darkness and they fade like the echoes. The nights are quiet, lonely and dessert. Days are filled with parents shouting and warning. It’s a month for family, so sacrifice your time for your family.


How many of us sit down to usher in a new month? Today I had a chance to welcome one special month. August is not only a month but also greater opportunity for assessment progress. At this time of the year we should be able to account for half our year’s resolutions.


One of the things I did purpose was at least to make this year, a year of difference. It is worth to acknowledge a mere fact, no one is perfect. Hence, this should not be a reason to make our lives imperfect. Even though, the bible registers we should not worry about tomorrow. It does oppose us from planning for tomorrow. Moreover, it does not discourage from hoping and still praying for the best.


We ought to remember that neither I nor you was promised tomorrow. Tomorrow is no surety, thus you are challenged to make the best out of today. I have planned for this month of August to reap the best. Am sowing all that glitters and planning the fairest with time I will sow the sweet as fantasy fruits.


    1. FRANK NANGAME Post author

      I did not like assignments. They were hard and so unfair. i would sneak from school to avoid assignments.

  1. Fifi Leigh

    time is flying fast this year. i can’t believe it is now August, in which i was born in August. so, i will be a year older this month. it will also be hotter this month.

  2. S.L. Luna

    Nice read August is also the ghost month in Chinese astrology , however its better to dwell on looking at things positively every day of the month, thankful for each moment that comes by. August is Leo month so expect these lions to roar. Happy first day.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      Leo begins around the 20th of July and continues until around the 20th of August. The exact dates change a bit, from year to year. Those born with Sun in Leo tend to be very generous, gregarious, and regal in their bearing. They can be both proud and fierce, but they are also kind people.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    For many children in the United States, August is when they head back to school for the beginning of a new year. The back to school season in Canada tends to be a bit later. In many regions it is after the Labour Day long weekend at the beginning of September.

  4. S.L. Luna

    My first article is also about the first of August, a milestone for me, writing my first a rtcle here on the first day of August. in my perspective. Please check it out

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