August: The Philippine National Language Month

The Philippines is celebrating the most anticipated month-long event in which we Filipinos are being proud. Our National Language month or buwan nang wika. Every month of August the commission on language in the Philippines with the collaboration of the department of education, together they actively publicize the language awareness to all Filipinos.

The Philippines has hundreds of dialects that is actively recognized as a regional language. Most Filipinos speaks the international language in their daily conversation which is English. Since we are colonized by the Spaniards, there are few that speaks in Spanish. With so many different languages being spoken by Filipinos, is it Filipino or Tagalog as our national language.

Our national hero Doctor Jose P. Rizal once said that, “Ang di marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa malansang isda.” I translate to English as, “If you don’t love your own language you have the smell of a fish or much more.” Deliberately, being the citizen of a country you have to love and speak fluently your own language with great love, pride, and dignity

Manuel L. Quezon is known as the father of the Philippine National Language. He is honored for the distinction in his views on creating a common national language for Filipinos. In November 1939, he proclaimed Tagalog as the national language and in 1940 ordered that Tagalog will be added in a school curriculum.

During this month is where we can witness Filipino culture being showcased nationwide especially in schools. It is an encouragement that promotes and influences the children of the next Filipino generation to love our own language and culture. It is this month that field trips to various historical landmarks in our country are encouraged.

A grand closing ceremony at the end of the month will there be a program in every school. A celebration of fun, friendly competition, demonstration, a bazaar, Food booth, a fashion show, a parade where children can actually wear our national and ethnic costumes. It is by the grand effort of teachers, parents, and children.

Now in every school. colleges, universities have a new ordinance that requires every student to speak in English whenever they are inside the campus, there will be a disciplinary action to those students that are found irresponsible. The reasoning for this action is for the students to meet the growing competitiveness for working requirements in a foreign company and a deployment in the foreign country.



  1. Gina M. Menorca Post author

    My children speak Tagalog and English. Also fluent in our native dialect Waray. They also have a school curriculum that requires them to learn to speak Spanish. My daughter loves k-pop so she is also trying to learn Korean on her own. @patzanthony

  2. Gina M. Menorca Post author

    Our big competition is saba yang Pag big Kas. It is an inter-school competition that is held in big venues like the mall. It is huge , every school is prepared from costumes to choreography. We are lucky to be able to reach to the division. @nakitakona13

  3. Andria Perry

    I think its wonderful to embrace the language that you`re born with, I also think that people are very smart who can speak more than one language.

    I tweeted this article.

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