Babies Always Bring Joy to the World

It is always a great news to hear when someone is pregnant or having new born babies, as babies always bring joy to the world.

I called a friend yesterday and asked if she is interested in joining a charity run next Sunday as I am going as well. She always goes for running or walking events together with her kids. She told me she will not be able to go for running in these two or three years because she is pregnant now. What a great news! It is also unexpected too.

Since the beginning of this year, two babies that I know were born in my neighborhood, including my baby in May. There are three other babies will be joining us in the second half of this year. For Chinese, this year is the year of Monkey, so there will be five “little monkeys” playing in the playground soon. It’s so nice to see so many kids at the same age as my youngest son, so they might play together when they grow a bit older.

Every time when I bring my baby out, many others are happy to see the baby, as they said baby is cute. Yes, all babies are cute and they really look like angels. They are always so lovely, huggable, chubby and sweet. Who does not like to hug a baby?


    1. Lee Ka Post author

      Yes, I always think that too. Parents should really receive them gratefully, and take good care of the precious gifts too.

  1. Shavkat

    Every child in this world brings joy to the people surrounding him or her. I join into your joyful experience seeing babies around.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I’m glad your son will have many peers when he’s big enough to run and play! When my kids were small, we never had neighbours whose kids were roughly the same age. It was very lonely for them sometimes, as most of the children were a lot younger or much older.

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