Basic Yoga Guidelines to Be a Yogi

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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Vinyasa is sun salutations, which involve doing a continuous flow of yoga postures. It is good for centering and balancing awareness as well as energizing, strengthening and toning your body. It is also important to breathe while doing each posture, which helps stay in tune with the Prana. It is good to do your sun salutations outside, during sunrise and facing east.

my lotus candle holder and incense holder

my lotus candle holder and incense holder

Yoga is NOT a religion, and anyone can do it because it is a form of exercise for the body, soul, and mind. It is considered to be a PATH, which is about connecting, concentrating, and focusing your mind and body.  It is actually a UNION and DISCIPLINE.

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So, as you follow the yoga path, you get in touch with yourself and explore your own spirituality.

Yoga also has guidelines for daily living, which can help you become more successful in your daily life.

A Hindi prayer site in Las Vega, Nevada

A Hindi prayer site in Las Vega, Nevada

YOGA DO’S: Niyamas

  1. Be Pure or Shauca
  2. Be Content or Santosha
  3. Be Disciplined or Tapas
  4. Be Studious or Svadhyaya
  5. Be Devoted or Ishvara-Pranidhana

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  1. Don’t harm others: Ahimsa
  2. Don’t tell lies: Satya
  3. Don’t Steal: Asteya
  4. Cool it, Casanova: Brahmacharya
  5. Don’t be Greedy: Aparigraha

India las vegas

(These yoga do’s and don’t are similar to the ten commandments in the Bible. I wasn’t aware of them before, or of the Hindi words for them, but it is interesting to know anyway).


  1. Jean B Figues

    i had attended one yoga session for beginners.. gosh i sweat a lot on that session… i stay at home now doing yoga.. just basic stretching positions

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