Be like a Child!

Look at the title of this post and give it a thought. Too many question marks and tensions in your mind ? Or do you feel happy when you think of a child ?


I for sure treat myself like a child during most of the situations. A kid is always on learning mode. He or she keeps observing things that happens around them. If they fall down, they cry but get themselves back up and again go on the same path, not having the fear of falling down again. So should we. Every path is not a bed of roses. There may be many obstacles and road blocks and we may get hurt every now and then. But bouncing back after every fall is what makes us even more stronger.


A child is carefree as well. One may argue that, it is because they don’t have responsibility. True. But what does it benefit an adult, who has responsibilities, to bother too much about what others think of him or her ? Live for yourself, in a carefree way, rather than worrying about what people might say. You have every right to choose what is right for you, rather than letting others influence your decision.


Your life! Lead it your way, like a child!


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  1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    I must say I love this article. I always think never let the child inside die. Enjoy life and see it through the eyes of a child, you will be amazed at the little things you will see great wonders in.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    I do agree with you in your assertion of the child’s traits or disposition. But what has made me to believe about the child is that personally I consider myself as the “child of God with parents kind and dear” This is what I have read, studied and sang from the Church hymn entitled “I Am a Child of God.”

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