Bean Boozled: An Unpredictable Taste Game


Bean Boozled is a game that involves tasting jelly beans. Some are normal Jelly Belly flavors but their identical counterparts are just nasty!

Bean Boozled has normal flavors like lime – but that green jelly bean could taste like grass clippings!

I picked up a box of Bean Boozled jelly beans the other day while at Walmart, thinking they would make for a fun game the next time a group of us got together and were bored. Well apparently last night was the magic night and we cracked the box open to reveal a small bowl full of adventure.

We were pretty apprehensive before starting the game. I don’t mind jelly beans in small doses but the unknown of this box was a little unnerving. So with deep breaths, we all picked up our first choice and bit in.

I know my picture isn’t that clear but the box contained normal Jelly Belly jelly beans – like buttered popcorn, lime and chocolate pudding – and it also contained their more nasty counterparts – like rotten eggs, grass clippings and dog food. The “Boozled” part of these beans is in the guessing. The nasty counterparts are exactly identical looking to their more normal ones. This makes the game of biting into a jelly bean mean a little terrifying – and on more than one occasion a lot more gross!

Needless to say, a lot of faces were made, a lot of laughs had! But I don’t think we will be playing Bean Boozled again anytime soon.


Header image: SHAWSHANK61/Pixabay/CC0 1.0
Bean Boozled photo: mine




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