Beginning Of A New Week

Today, Monday, is a beginning of a new week, usually I tend NOT to look forward to Mondays as that means the weekend is over and back to the grind stone of work we have to return to.  Sure, the hubby went back to work today, but last week was a very emotional week!!  Found out my “great” niece delivered her baby that was born without lungs and kidneys.  She was able to  spend one hour with him before he died.   Went out of town to attend a funeral of a cousin.


Some times I think we take our lives for granted, we muddle through life and we may complain.  It takes death, sad to say, to make us appreciate life!!  We may think we have a rough life or maybe some times we have pain so bearable we don’t know how we are going to carry on.  Yet, there are babies that haven’t even come into the world that struggle to live!!  There maybe people who suffer from Alzheimers/dementia that live in the past and know of not what tomorrow may bring.We tend to take life for granted!  As, I believe we all know that death is part f life, but we never know when that might happen.  Some times it takes a death of some one close to you to make you realize that maybe you don’t say “I love you” near enough.  Of course you do love that person, but do you “tell” them?   Maybe instead of complaining of that job you “have to” go to every day, appreciate that you have a job!!


So, for the beginning of this week, I’m going to appreciate that I’m alive to enjoy it..God has given me another day to tell the people close to me that I love them and glad of my life and glad for my on-line friends!! We have been giving another day to enjoy life!!




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  1. Grecy Garcia

    I feel you, sometimes when you feel you are down you are thinking you are the only person suffering from that, not even thinking there are people having the worst. It is a must to be feeling grateful.

  2. Vinaya

    I once had an uncle who was suffering from Alzheimer and dementia, he died two years ago.

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