Being Fit: How Do You Perceive Yourself?

This is the first question I ask every person who wants to join my class. I am not a teacher in a conservative way, my job and profession is a gym trainer. I will assume that you till now don’t know one person who is in the real fitness industry, so let take it slow.

I don’t look like I jump from the front page of the fitness magazine, I am not food freak and I don’t make 1 million push-ups in the day. The thing I teach in my classes is how to be happy with what you are. It is true life art to truly learn how to love yourself on a daily basis.

People who join in my classes expect big results, fast changes in very limited short periods of time. They read magazines, especially ladies who are in most cases are young mothers or in average age between 25 to 45, not more and rarely less.

I used to have a group of people filled with bitterness accusing my program and me of loss of their precious money, not even thinking that what they ask from me and the program they want is impossible.

At a certain point, they understand but either quit their training or compelled by necessity if they continue.

The reason I chose this kind of job was simple – I made the change in my life that was very difficult for me and decide it is time to start thinking about myself and my health and not only about what other people want or think it is normal for a mother to do.
In the past, my appearance was very gravity-challenged and after three pregnancies I allotted many extra ‘compartments’ in places where usually an average girl of my age has curves. Curves were fired after the second baby. I was not happy, but not able to prevent it. The thing that bothered me is not anyone telling me anything, but someone telling me not. People look content with my life and saying nothing better will ever happen to me.

Same attitude I see with all people who come in gym seeking for glorified golden measurements. Sorry, not there yet. We are still human beings, not gods. Disappointment is obvious.

To achieve different persona, different looks, you have to act upon your own life and change it. Being angry and vengeful will not do much, it can not melt fat. That attitude plus chili burgers, I must say it is not working.

So, before changing people’s body I like to see if there is a way to change their mind. If not, they may go to easier program that only melts few pounds (and my coworker does that). It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Source: my day job

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  1. Gil Camporazo

    It is the discipline that comes first before doing anything else. If you could discipline yourself, there is no way that you could attain or reach your goal whatever it is.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      I absolutely agree. But even discipline has to come naturally and in small steps. You can’t be soldier first day.

  2. Vickie Ewell

    I run into the same crowd at my low-carb diet blog. People think low carb should be quick, easy, painless, and all your fat fall off in 2 weeks. No so. Thanks for talking real. I rarely see it these days.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    People must take responsibility for their health and fitness. Those who do not want to do that sometimes look for others to blame for their issues.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      It is very hard to see own actions guilty of what is going on inside of body. We learn to cook one way, and in many cases not very healthy. Same with fitness.

  4. Gina M. Menorca

    I believe because of the mentality that we could get anything with money without even thinking of the process. We all want the result immediately. How sad.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      You can not buy this like package of chocolates in store. We see celebrity people looking perfect. nobody take look to older celebrity what they look today. It is not without price.

  5. Tania K Cowling

    You are what you eat and do. Choose wise habits and attitude and you should (will) obtain the body you are desiring. Maybe not a model, but a healthy persona.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      I agree that many people desire something they can’t have and it usually come to blaming others for failing own expectations.

  6. Jo Pin

    Being fit is difficult without self-discipline. But to stay fit is much more than discipline, it is a determination to keep healthy.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      In my point of view it is more a lifestyle but forcing some discipline. Just changing one habit makes person feel different.

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